Mother Mary PowerPoint Template

Mary is the virgin mother of Jesus Christ, and is widely worshipped in Christian circles as a maternal figure of purity and auspiciousness.

Mother Mary PowerPoint Template1

Mother Mary PowerPoint Template2

She was said to have conceived Jesus Christ after blessings of the Holy Spirit, and gave birth to Jesus in a manger, as described by the chapter ‘The Nativity of Jesus’. This Mother Mary PowerPoint Template has a stained blue background with Virgin Mother Mary and infant Jesus in her arms, a universally depicted art work. This free Christian PowerPoint template can be used in church prayer sessions while giving an account of the birth of Jesus Christ, and praising Mother Mary for her miracle of giving birth to the Lord Jesus and being blessed by God. Religious songs singing her praise with accompanying lyrics in the background can be embedded in the presentation and played during Christmas eve. Her death is believed to have been a natural one in her sleep, and is known in Christian theology as ‘the Assumption’ and this can be used in the template to talk about the lesser known facts of Mother Mary and her other feats.

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