Music And Dance PowerPoint Template


Without the accompaniment of music, dance seems lifeless as it can add more passion and grace to movements. Music varies for different styles of dance such as classical music for ballet performances, jazz music for swing dances, etc.

Music And Dance PowerPoint Template1

Music And Dance PowerPoint Template2

In the Victorian era, orchestra-like music was used during balls where the women and men danced gracefully to styles like Cotillion. This free Music And Dance PowerPoint Template can be used to illustrate the history of dance and music in social history seminars, as well as in music school workshops. It can be used during live dance performances with graphics and animations, for example- with images of forests and lakes during ballet dances, and street art during hip hop performances. The template can be used by families during celebrations at home, where they can embed video clips of music and dance from their cultural backgrounds in the slides, and teach children how to follow them.

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