Music Bands PowerPoint Template


Music bands, consisting of vocalists and musical instrument players are found in genres of music such as rock music, pop music and even religious music bands with genres such as Christian rock.

Music Bands PowerPoint Template1

Music Bands PowerPoint Template2


The music instruments mostly used by these bands are electric and bass guitars, drums and cymbals, and keyboards. This Music Bands PowerPoint Template features a funky design appealing to the youth, in an orange and blue color scheme with a mike and headphones. This free powerpoint template can be used by music houses for discovering new talents through band hunts, popular all over the world, with a slideshow in the live auditions with rules and instructions, as well as video clips of previous winners and bands that they helped in discovering. Merchandise of already established and popular music bands can be compiled into a PowerPoint and uploaded on retail websites, with a price catalog. Newbie music bands can also put up the template on their social media pages with an introduction to their music styles, and a download sample of their music- with relevant hyperlinks to their official website.

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