Music Genres PowerPoint Template

Music genres powerpoint presentation has various styles and compositions of songs, with varying beats and tempos and usage of musical instruments.

Music Genres PowerPoint Template1

Music Genres PowerPoint Template2
These genres typically include pop, rock, classical, jazz, fusion, and other musical styles. In India, genres like Bollywood and Kollywood songs are popular, which mainly consist of film scores. The youth of today prefer music genres such as hip-hop and rock, whereas the older generation prefer classical tunes. This Music Genres PowerPoint features a grey silhouette of a woman perched atop a piano, an instrument associated with classical music of the yesteryear and a genre that still holds sway over the musical generation today. The free music PowerPoint template can be used for regular classes at music schools and colleges that teach students about types of genres, suited for individual preferences as well. The presentation can be used for music websites, with the PowerPoint in a slideshow format with accompanying audio tunes of the various genres so that the audience can stream the music after listening to the genre on display. The music genre can be presented at musical events and festivals where the audience can choose to book tickets for the artist and genres they prefer.

Access the free music powerpoint background here:

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