Neo classical ballet Powerpoint Template

Founded during the early twentieth century, neo-classical ballet finds its base in classical ballet techniques, but differs with faster tempos and movement speeds and more involvement of acrobatic-like feats.

Ballet Powerpoint Templates


They are minimalist in composition and presentation, and follow plot-less type of ballet with non-narrative type of communication done through dance movements and expression of emotions.The free ballet PowerPoint template conveys the minimalist nature of the ballet style, with the design of a ballerina in a ballet costume set against a faded maroon background.

The free PowerPoint template can be used by neo-classical ballet instructors during ballet and dance seminars or workshops, while talking about the intricate aspects of its style and expressions. It can be used during literary fests as well, where ballet dancers with years of experience can present talks about neo-classical ballet in modern times. Theater instructors can use the slideshow while teaching drama enthusiasts and actors on how to use emoting techniques from neo-classical style.

Neo classical ballet Powerpoint Template available here:

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