The template is dedicated to the bounties of the human imagination and curiosity when it comes to ocean myths and legends.

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The ocean is a mysterious salt water body submerged in darkness at its very depth and core, and since the earliest times, several sea creatures have been said to lurk within. These include the existence of mermaids and mermen who are half-human and half-fish hybrids said to be water deities, the hideous sea monster Kraken which is said to be in the deep waters between Norway and Iceland, the Lochness monster titled Nessie that is said to be an elusive aquatic dinosaur, sea nymphs called Nereid’s in Greek mythology, and many others. Another popular ocean mystery that had people buzzing was the Bermuda Triangle, also called as the Devil’s Triangle, where planes and ships passing through the area get sucked in only to never resurface. Ocean myths have been common subjects of movies, novels and paintings. This free underwater PowerPoint template has an air of mystery, with the digitally animated image of a sea creature with several tentacles in the depths of the ocean which represents ocean folklore and legends. The template can be used by websites or forums on fictions, facts and mythology with history and images in the slides. Children can use the PowerPoint for projects in science and history classes, and education resource websites can also use the template.

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