Old Musical World PowerPoint Template


Though technology boom has led to an increase in musical options to explore, the charm of vintage music instruments is yet to fade.

Old Musical World PowerPoint Template1

Old Musical World PowerPoint Template2
Some of these include cassette players, boom boxes, quirky gramophones and their large vinyl discs, etc. Musical instruments like pianos, saxophones and banjos enjoyed more popularity between the 1960s and 1990s. This Old Musical World PowerPoint TemplateĀ is a walk down the memory lane, with a brown background with musical keys of a piano on the cover. This free music PowerPoint can be used by music memorabilia collectors for putting up their collectibles on their websites or social media platforms for potential buyers to have a look at (if they are looking to sell), or for forming connections with people with similar interests to form music clubs. The presentation can be used in music seminars, while giving notes on old music styles and compositions, and bands and musicians who were popular then and music trends that were popular then.

You can download this retro music powerpoint template using below link:

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