15 Online Collaboration Tools That Can Increase Your Productivity

Collaboration is an integral part of not only business but also education nowadays. With virtual learning expanding, collaboration between students and teachers has gained considerable importance. There are in fact a host of tools that facilitate seamless collaboration without even the need of downloading or installing them as these are online. So, let’s have a look at 15 such online collaboration tools that are available for free.

1. Join Me

The free version of the wonderful collaborative tool allows 10 participants to share their screen, file transfer, internet calling  and many more exciting features that are great for educators or a small business for seamless collaboration.



free online collaboration tool 1

2. Podio

If your’s is a small organization of 5 employees and a collaborative tool is needed to facilitate task management, reporting file sharing etc among the employees as well as five external users which can be your clients or freelancers, go for Podio.




free online collaboration tool 2

3. Serveless 

A wonderful online platform that enables users to collaborate in real time with easy exchange of files of any size, synchronized freehand actions, video and audio in an encrypted manner and many more with no need to register.



free online collaboration tool 3

4. Samepage

The cloud hosted collaboration tool is an excellent one as it allows creation of a page super easy in just two steps and allows a user to add text, images or tasks in the page and then sharing it with other Samepage users for free!

Download Android Samepage App

Download IOS Samepage App


free online collaboration tool 4

5. Skype

If you are looking forward for a collaboration tool that can enable you to make free calls to Canada or USA on either mobile or landlines, here is the perfect solution. It also enables group calls and free call to anyone over the same platform.

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Download Android Skype App

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6. Dropbox

The basic plan of this wonderful and extremely popular tool comes free for individuals and allows simple file sharing and very reliable backup trusted by more than 300 million users worldwide.

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free online collaboration tool6

7. Google Docs

If you long for a free online collaborative tool that can let you access your documents from anywhere , anytime and even allows to edit them in  a hassle free manner, here is the perfect pick.



free online collaboration tool7

8. Trello

With 5 million users already downloaded the application’s android version from google play store, it is undoubtedly the best to keep track of the projects and update your employees about the same  in a continual manner.


Download Android Trello App


free online collaboration tool8

9. Agreedo 

The software helps to track all tasks brilliantly assigned during  a meeting and yes, give you  email notifications  as well as facility to add comments.



free online collaboration tool9

10. Bitrix24

The free plan of the cloud version of the collaborative tool offers  free CRM as well as a platform to collaborate with 12 employees.



free online collaboration tool10

11.  Marqueed

If you are a graphic design, artist or in any such creative field, the collaborative tool allows easy uploading of images and discussion over the same by inviting others along with much needed email notifications to ensure quick completion of assigned projects.



free online collaboration tool11

12. DesignDrop

The online platform allows designers to organize feedbacks in an effortless manner, thus making the review process less painful for all.


free online collaboration tool12

13. RealtimeBoard 

For those engaged in small individual projects, there are three free whiteboards and unlimited number of external collaborators and some fantastic features like chat, integration with Google Drive, whiteboard toolkit, 100MB storage space, etc.


free online collaboration tool13

14. Tribecube 

Now create a virtual workplace with video conversations with no need to download any software or  credit card, which certainly is very tempting offer for small companies.


free online collaboration tool14

15.  Flockdraw

If you love to draw, certainly the free collaborative online tool is a must have as it allows live text chat and many tools for drawing and sharing the same with others.


free online collaboration tool15


The free edition of the collaborative tool enables 3 users to collaborate with unlimited collaborators in the workplace and comes with excellent core features like email notification and updates, reports, customization views and many more.


free online collaboration tool 16

There are a large number of paid online collaboration tools also over the web, but since for individuals and small enterprises using a paid tool for effective collaboration with the team can prove not a much profitable affair, we have tried our best to bring out for you the most comprehensive list of free online collaboration tools. Kindly don’t hesitate to share your feedback and if you are aware of any other such tool, kindly write back in the comment section below.