Conflict of interest happens across everywhere as most of the time you don’t get what you want. You compromise with what you get as there is no other option. It could be with your parents, siblings, friends and so on when you were a kid. Later the same conflict happens in your workplace. You may want something but get something else. This definition is from an individual point of view. But as a company, they cannot afford to lose any project or business due to conflict of interest. Hence they make policy and make sure that employees do not bring in their personal views to disturb the goal of the organization. Therefore, the conflict of interest policy must be written which becomes an additional responsibility of the company. Continue reading

Inventory is nothing but a list, record or a catalog. It is a list of products or record for selling goods. You may want to sell some products, and that is your business, and then you must maintain an Inventory Sheet to enter all details into it. You can make use of the Inventory sheets given in xls and Google spreadsheet for free from this site. But, I always want to provide you with a detailed study about what and how and that is the same thing I have done for inventory sheets well. You can understand many details about the inventory making and maintain my page.

I am sure you will have an informative journey while downloading free inventory sheet template from here. Continue reading

Are you in need of PESTLE analysis template? You are in the right place. We have designed, collected & displayed some of the best PESTLE templates which you can download and use for free. Continue reading

Hey, welcome to a quite interesting topic you will get to know from this post. Yes, about a family tree. Sounds astounding? What kind of tree is a family tree? How does it grow and what are the flower and fruits of the tree? Just kidding! Continue reading

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations and is the policies or rules or law for the protection of data from the European Union countries for uploading the privacy of the citizens in EU.

The regulation specifies private and governmental organizations to protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens while processing and transfer of information contained by the EU and to the external side of the EU. It considers that the organizations protect privacy and personal data of EU citizens with a reasonable and appropriate level of controls. Continue reading

There’s one thing that most people, if not all, stress about – template for the invitation. Everybody wants to make an impression on attendees and wants attention and interest for their events even if it’s screening of a movie. The excellent movie ticket template and its design is the most significant factor that can stand out your movie event from the rest and can significantly impact your impression on others. Continue reading

Let me ask you a question? Why do you need a portfolio? I understand that you want to publish your work online be it your photo, design work or any art. Portfolio is the best way to present. Yes, PDF Portfolios make sense than anything else. Then you may wonder how to design a portfolio. Stay worried free and access any number of InDesign portfolio templates for free from here. Continue reading

When you know what exactly an Exit Ticket is, then you can use this page to extract as many numbers of templates required. But, in case you want to know what exactly an Exit Ticket is, and then understand it is a sheet in which the students are expected to write their answers. Let us know about Exit Ticket Templates in detail. Continue reading

This article provides collection of professional doctors notes for work. Each doctors note for work is designed to satisfy need of a patient to return to work or school with this note.

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Hello everybody! I am back again and this time too, I have an interesting topic for you and it is coming soon flyers. Does this sound interesting? Indeed, this is an interesting topic and useful for you if you are looking for an inexpensive tool to promote your business. So, what exactly is a coming soon flyer? Let me explain the same to you. Continue reading

I love colors. Am I sure you love too? Life gets spiced up with color. Each color has different vibration on our mood. Are you thinking, where am I?

You came here download free painter invoice template. I know, you have very much clicked the right link. Yes, I will help you understand how to write a painting bill, what is the difference between painting invoice and decorating invoice? Continue reading