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I love colors. Am I sure you love too? Life gets spiced up with color. Each color has different vibration on our mood. Are you thinking, where am I?

You came here download free painter invoice template. I know, you have very much clicked the right link. Yes, I will help you understand how to write a painting bill, what is the difference between painting invoice and decorating invoice?

Of Course, I will let you know about the painting bill format, painting receipt, decorating invoice details. I won’t stop with that; I will also help you master the painting business by explaining the essential things required to run a painting service concerning invoicing are.

Are you not happy to print the free painter invoice template and as a bonus to it you learn all the in and out about painting invoice? Enjoy the way you move to download any invoice template of your choice.

How To Write A Painting Invoice?

Choose the right color to paint your house. It plays a vital role in managing your health, your mood, and in fact your personality. Many of do not think in these lines, I want you to benefit from these lines as well.

Today interior designers do this job for you. Do you know that white colored ceiling paints have lost their way in the recent years?

Make the right decision and increase your happiness in multi folds.

Painter Invoice template or Painting contractor invoice template is required not only to collect payment for your painting services but also to have it in records for future reference.

First, you sign an agreement with your client. The agreement includes the job details, timelines, labor cost, material cost and other terms related to painting work. Once the work gets over as mentioned in the agreement, you must raise an invoice to collect your payment.

Free Painting Invoice Template

Do you know how to make a painting invoice? I will walk through the steps. It’s straightforward.

Typically The Essential Sections In A Painter Invoice Template Are Structured As Follows.

WRITE the Painting invoice in the RIGHT way to collect payment ON-TIME.


On the left-hand side write your name or your company name. Address and contact details. Below that client’s name, address and contact information. Adjacent to this detail on the right side mention the date, invoice number, and the date on which work started and ended.


Particulars of the work including the number of rooms you painted, materials procured for painting. In the next column mention, the total number of hours worked/days worked. In the third Column write the cost details/hour or per day. Material cost etc.


Calculate the total from the columns and mention the same. Following this evaluate the tax component and include it. Then inform the client about the last date for payment. Relevant terms and mode of payment. For instance, Cheque, Cash, Paypal, or Wire transfer.

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Always consider providing painting service as a contract job. Talk to the client and explain that painting job includes cleaning the walls before painting. Take painting service as one package and do not track by hours.

Come forward and download the ready-made painter invoice template and use it. Also, you can customize per your service.

What next?

Painting Invoice

Painting Vs Decorating Invoice

Painting and decorating two different terms?  Yes, they are. I will tell you how they differ.

Get to know the details to submit the valid invoice. Once you know the difference, you can download the relevant invoice from here.

Sounding simple? Yes, it is.

In layman terms, Painting means applying color, pigment or paint to a surface. It could be walls inside, outside, or ceiling. While both painting and decorating sounds similar, yet the skills required differs. Hence need to understand to raise bill accordingly.

Decoration adds beauty to the painting. Decorate painted walls with flowers, drawings, stickers, art work, etc. In simple words, decorating requires artistic skills.

Painting industry includes both painters and decorators together to accomplish successful jobs with their customers. However, some may need decorators services alone.

Still, it looks confusing to you, right? I will explain this in a much more simple way. Consider play schools; the walls need painting first. Painting process gets over after cleaning the wall and then painting. Then you need to decorate the walls with Alphabets, flowers, fruits, numbers, and more. Yes, this is called decoration. Not only schools, but offices, and even houses look for decoration work over and above painting. Got it? Super, I am happy now.

Painting Invoice Template

House Painting Invoice

Let me walk you through the house painting invoice.

Everyone wants to make a home. It is pride to live in one’s own house. People give much importance in making it as beautiful and unique as possible. Constructing house requires the same materials including sand, cement, and brick. Nothing different in that.

But creatively painting the house gives joy. As a contractor, you make use of this need and provide the best house painting service.

What Should You Know About House Painting Service?

  • Patterns and paints for walls have a large
  • Distinct colors add additional vibration to the painting.
  • Provide your clients with a variety of patterns, colors, textures, and styles. Impress them with your previous creative work.
  • Competition is as big as the world. You must stand on your toes to attract customers.
  • Prove that you are professional by offering some references from your past work.

Seems to be very difficult? Yes, it is. But follow my inputs and win the painter service bid. Now, you have completed your job. Wow!

It’s time to make an invoice. Understand the inputs required before you fill the invoice. I agree with you that I have provided the invoice for you. Reconfirming that this page offers you with plenty of free painter invoice template and you can print them and use them. But, is it not good to know what you’re doing?

Get going; the usual details remain the same. If you want to understand those details better, then refer How To Write A Painting Invoice? Where is it? In this same page, on the top. In the below-mentioned section, I will explain the additional details for house invoice.

Painting a house involves more workers; hence mention the name of the worker in the description part of the invoice. Details of works carried by him/her. Few workers might have done work for many days, and few might not have. Mention the number days worked against each worker’s name. The cost differs for each worker based on their skills. Give them separating each worker. Sum up and take the total.

Then detail regarding the material cost. Now add the labor cost and material charges. As usual, include tax.

The last section does not have much difference than a general painter invoice. Meticulously select the template with all details related to house painting and submit to your customer.

Is it over? No, here is more. Wondering what? Yes, I will help you to become familiar with painting bill format.

Painting Invoice Templates

Painting Bill Format

Do you get confused with Invoice and Bill? Yes, it is.

Let me throw light on it. Both a bill and an invoice stress for the payment. The difference between them as follows.

Bill, a list of account regarding the separate cost of items sold, services rendered. On the other hand, Invoice, a list of goods shipped mentioning the value and the terms of trade. Still confusing, let me make it simple for example. At shops, you get BILL for all the items you purchased. But a contractor or a consultant raises an INVOICE for the services offered.

Let me explain it in another way. In general, we any commercial invoice directly as an invoice. We call it also as, purchase invoice, billing invoice, or sales invoice. It details all the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

Now, coming to the point, let me tell you how a painting bill looks like.

I agree that painting gets listed under service. Still, purchase of materials needs attention as it is part of the service.

The TOP SECTION may not have any changes and refer to TOP SECTION of this page. The MID SECTION must include the following in a painting bill. Description, quantity, unit price, and line total. Write all these columns wise.

Description of the item purchased. Paint, brush, scraping material, cleaning material, and mixing containers. Quantity column should have the number of equipment obtained. Next, to brush column write the number of brush purchased. Unit price column will describe the cost of each unit. Line total represents the total cost for all units purchased.

The LAST SECTION includes total cost and tax.

Trust I made it clear.

Painting Receipt

Invoice Vs Receipt

Raise an invoice and request payment from your customer. Send it soon after the painting job gets over at the site.

Record your payment received using the receipt. Send a copy to your customer after payment received as a proof document.

Use this section to print free paint receipt template. Fill and keep it for your reference and send as a proof to your customer.

Painting Invoices

Importance Of Painting Receipt

Receipts may look like a trivial point to consider. But I promise you that it plays a significant role in taking you to the next level in your business. Yes, customer satisfaction helps you for getting referred to more customers.

How much ever professionally you complete your painting job, the last touch makes the difference. I am talking about “Painting Receipt” gives that final professional touch.

Also, it all your every business transaction gets protected legally.

Three Important Components

Mention three essential things in your receipt and get 3x more business than before

  1. The amount of work done – details about the number rooms painted.
  2. Total cost – Cost of all materials purchased. The rates mentioned must tally with the name of the materials bought.
  3. Labor Charges – Separately state the labor details and their wages.

Make sure to make a receipt free from errors. Thinking how? Here you go, download and print the painter receipt. If you do not want to make any changes, then you can use them directly.

Decorating Invoice Template

I already told you the difference between painting and decorating at the beginning of my page. I am sure you know what difference it makes.

Now let me brief you about the sections included in the invoice template. As usual, the usual things remain the same. I mean, the TOP SECTION. The description part, i.e. the MID SECTION changes. Need to include material description used for the decoration, the cost involved, and the labor charges.

Decorating items list contains the glitter paints, posters, stickers, fruits, flowers, etc. Based on the theme provided for decoration.

Please select the correct invoice from here for your perusal.

Paintings Invoice Template

How To Offer Painting Service From The Scratch?

In this section, let me take you through the steps involved in starting a painting business concerning the invoice, collection, and tax.

Painting business makes a good choice if you understand the following information.

Make sure you sail through a BUNCH OF HOOPS and get ready for your painting business.

Initial Step:

Name your company. Identify a Logo and if possible a Slogan. Draft a plan on how you want to proceed. Know how much money you can invest. Register your firm and stay safe from all legal challenges. Open a current account in the bank.

Next Step:

Are you planning run a one man army? Can I honestly tell you something? Not possible to execute the show as a single person. Just get down and sign up with freelance painters. Test their skills before you sign up. Buy the necessary equipment required to run the painting business. Want to know the essential tools? Find the list here.

  • Caulk Gun
  • Cut-in Bucket
  • Drywall compound
  • Extension Ladder
  • Extension Pole
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Quality Cage Frame
  • Roller Bucket
  • Small Fan
  • Step Ladder
  • Tool Bucket
  • Wall-Sander

Pre-Final Step

Now you have the resource and the people. You’re in a never-ending battle. Ask me why? You now need customers. It sounds hard. But it isn’t.

Just market your business on all the social networking sites, talk to your near and dear ones and request to promote your goal. Put up fliers and advertise in local papers. Wow, you got your first client. Provide a quotation. Sign an agreement. Show your professionalism.

Final Step

You completed painting to the best of your customer’s satisfaction. You deserve payment. Raise an invoice and connect your bank account. Follow all my inputs to write an invoice. Do not miss any detail in your invoice. Mention tax information in the invoice. Have fun with your first payment.

Some Tax Details

Do you know? The (IRS) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permits tax deductions for sensible and essential supplies and equipment. Maintain a detailed list of items used during your painting service all through the year and monitor the cost of materials and equipment to get a tax deduction for these expenses while you submit your tax return.

Feeling good to start a painting business? Indeed, it is.

Happy Painting!

You can have a look at our other invoice templates in our site:


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