Also known as beat, a patrol comprises of an assemblage of police officers or soldiers who monitor a specific location or area.



Uniformed police patrol is carried out for non-military law enforcement, where the police officers carry our surveillance of an area at regular periods for any suspicious activities. Patrolling is also carried out in military operations, where a group of soldiers are sent out to a danger area for inspection and/or battle. Police patrols are more common, who go scouting for the purpose of maintaining order and discipline, and is usually carried out by foot or by car. This free law and police PowerPoint template has been designed in a simple manner in a white frame, with the image of a stern-looking police officer with a baton in hand, carried during patrolling sessions. The template can be used by education websites to talk about police patrol and community discipline and security. It can also be downloaded by news websites for breaking news slideshow, for state and security related news items and articles. Police websites can also use the template for patrolling sessions and contact number of officers on duty.

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