Pest Control Post Card:15 Attractive Post Cards to Promote Pest Control Business


In this compelling communication world, there are many eye-catching, affordable, low-cost designs of postcards specialized in marketing the pest management trade. They carry your vital message to the customer. These Pest Control Postcard advertisements if designed fresh and different, it can stand out your pest control business in the market and attracts customers.

In the beginning, only, you have to finalize on what piece of information you want to deliver?

Any business even it is pest management, it does hold a higher value for those who need it, and only they can understand how valuable and what a real piece of work it is.

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Pest Control Postcards

If you have an incredibly designed postcard containing all necessary details about pest control business, then you might receive an overwhelming response from customers. The designs in a postcard lure more and more customers towards your business. Whatever fits your budget, one should go for that particular set of models first, and once you start getting calls from customers, you can go for expensively designed postcards.


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In a Postcard design for pest control, you can find:

  • Attractive pest management postcard templates with several creative features.
  • One cannot miss it!
  • Cards with different sizes.
  • Artistically and creatively designed by a group of professional designers.
  • Personalized and can be used from either side.
  • Premium quality.
  • Fonts used four different colors; black and white color on its backside.

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Seven Secrets to Use Postcards

  1. An inexpensive way to deliver your message which cannot be achieved by call or SMS.
  2. With the printed information in details, no fear of losing information and can be handy in use.
  3. Postcards act as an identity card of your business which shares information about your offered services, availing discounts and various offers to the potential clients.
  4. Through postcard, you can do branding and marketing of your business.
  5. Postcards can be proved as a game changer for your company.
  6. Always mail your postcard with a loud and clear message.

Here is the link to get ideas about Postcard Marketing Secrets That Will Ensure Success:

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Pest Control Postcard Samples

The design of your pest control postcard should be a strategically strike in the market which very clearly displays the picture of your work and effort. Your message should not be simple and understandable so that people can quickly get it.

Follow four steps for mailing pest control postcard directly to large masses.

Pest control sample postcards are created using a 4 Point Design Strategy:

  1. Take a look – Headline should be catchy, and graphics should be an attention
  2. Irresistible offers– should display luring discounts for the customers which should compel them to call you right away.
  3. Showing-off– Flaunt your approaches and different methods used in controlling pest and show how it makes you best of
  4. Time for action – If there are different ways, the primary approach should be highlighted with necessary details.

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Know that postcards come in different sizes:

  • Size #1: 4 by 6
  • Size #2: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Size #3: 6.25 x 9
  • Size #4: 6 by 11

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Ten Things on a Pest Control Postcard To Make It Look Great

Your Postcard should be designed spectacularly containing related images, formatted text, impressive graphics, etc. Before knowing about your business, a customer can accept and reject your proposition just by taking a glance at your postcard. To increase your customer base count, you should keep few points in your mind while creating a postcard:

  1. Your postcard should deliver your unspoken words to the customer. Your Taglines should be loud and clear and unwanted text should be avoided.
  2. The images should be related to the The picture is worth of thousand words so chooses them wisely.
  3. Highlight important details with a different color so that they can be visible from distant.
  4. To lead the customer to your business, information should be under suitable headings and should be bulleted.

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There are plenty of stocks available online for postcard design. Just search and download it.

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