The template talks about pirates, who are viewed by society as misfits who engage in warfare activities on sea without any authorisation.

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Pirates are commonly associated with committing acts of criminal consequences such as the attacking, seizure and destruction of other ships at sea and for illegal trade and smuggling. They were spotted in times as early as the 13th century BCE in the Aegean Sea, and have been popular subjects in fictional works such as movies and novels. They are also called sea robbers but their legality is different from those or buccaneers of privateers, who are like pirates but cannot be testified against in courts for criminal activities. In modern times, pirates are said to frequent the islands off Singapore and Somali, and often spotted in between the Indian and Pacific oceans as well. This free underwater PowerPoint template has the design of a pirate’s skull with their trademark long hair, single eye patch and the pirate’s hat with a skull emblazoned on it, with a wooden barrel of gold coins and a sword surrounded by an eel in the depths of a pale blue ocean. The template can be used for skits enacted for children, with the cover slide in the background setting the right atmosphere. The PowerPoint can also be used by history resource websites for the topic, with some interesting statistics and pictures in the slides.

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