Powerful Presentation Opening Speech Examples – Make an Impression


No matter, how much you have invested your precious time in preparing a wonderful presentation, you may always face a dilemma regarding the choice pf opening speech that can be quite impactful. So, here we are bringing for you a collection of 30 such presentation opening speech examples that you can use and can give a winning presentation.

Example 1. “It is a well-known fact that women are better managers than in comparison to men. In fact, they are very much gifted in this respect as at home they do the multitasking effortlessly. Then why there are few successful women managers than in men in almost every industry?

Description-In the above example to demonstrate a presentation on gender biases at the workplace which is a big issue, the opening lines are concentrated on a smaller issue. The smaller issue is then elaborated into the intended one with statistics step by step.This type of technique of opening a speech for a presentation is also known as amplification technique.

Example 2-“How many of you are really struggling 24 x 7 to make yourself appear taller than you are? Maybe you are wearing 6 inches heels or wearing a dress with vertical lines or a monochrome one. You may be also increasingly become conscious to always maintain a correct posture. Now what these body habits actually mean?”

Description-In the above example, the sensory awareness is activated to engage the audience from the very beginning and then to introduce the intended topic so that they can find a resonance in the same.

Example 3-“I will request you to raise your hands in case you have been ever asked by others that what do you want to become in the near future. Now, please tell me what was your answer at that time. Do you know that the answers that you give at that time were because of the cultural perceptions that have affected you? In reality, cultural perceptions always play a major role in our life decisions.”

Description-Here, in the example, the idea of the presenter was to create a connection between current actions to something more significant o which, we don’t pay much attention. This always manages to hold the attention of the target audience successfully.

Example 4– “If someone gives you two balls of different sizes, can you balance the bigger one on the smaller one?OK, think quickly and answer. Is it possible? Does this question appear challenging to you? Now, think why we don’t love our work at our workplace. Simply, because seldom, it motivates us to do something challenging.”

Description-This is a good idea to start a presentation as it triggers the mind of your target audience and also starts the main concept of the presentation in an exciting way. Giving your audience some questions that seem like interesting puzzles and co-relating the same with your intended topic is a winning idea to give an opening speech.

Example 5-“Please raise your hands who have experienced a high level of stress at any point of their life. Now that there are so many raise hands, it is apparent that stress is an epidemic problem and we need to know the ways to cope with it effectively.”

Description-Raising questions in the beginning and asking something that has affected them on a personal level is a brilliant way to start your opening speech as you can’t go wrong here and the audience will remain engaged to find the solution.

Example 6-“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. This is a quote from Benjamin Franklin. Now, does not the same should find a resonance while imparting learning to students in a classroom environment? Of course, this must happen but sadly it is not the case across the world.

Description- People have often a strong association with the quotes of famous people. So, it is wise to add some respectability to your presentation by including a famous quote in the very beginning that aptly fits your presentation topic.

Example 7-“I can never forget that rainy night, way back in 2007. I was met with an accident and to my horror, no one step forward to help me. It seems they choose to ignore me completely as if I don’t exist.”

Description-Starting a presentation with an engaging story that you have encountered is one of the best ways to start your presentation speech as the audience will stay engrossed and then gradually introduce the main topic which is here increasing self-centeredness of generation next.

Example 8-“My friend thinks he is smart. He told me an onion is the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face.” So do you think you are all smart?

Description-This serves as an icebreaker as during a presentation, sometimes your target audience can be also nervous and may seem not interested to hear the statistics and all that. Cracking a joke is thus a wonderful idea.

Example 9-“Imagine you are jumping out of a helicopter for experience the thrill of skydiving and you discover that your parachute is not opening. Now, with such a near death experience what kind of memories will flash in front of you?”

Description-This is a nice technique by urging your audience to imagine and find the answers and then relating their collective answers with some broad topic like human psychology like how it is a human psychology to think and act differently under different situations or in life-threatening situations. This technique generates a lot of curiosity and audience get engaged completely.

We hope, you will love our opening speech and will have a concrete idea to start a presentation now. You can also choose to give statistics that can shake the minds of your audience like statistics related to female infanticide or increasing incidents of sexual harassment in college campus to make an impact from the beginning. There are also surely more ways of opening a speech for delivering a successful presentation, and if you know some other example than the above stated ones, please feel free to state the same in the comment section below.


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