Press Release Forms: 20 Templates (Useful as a Guide to Write Press Releases)


Technically, press releases have become a trend to promote any business from any industry. Writing press releases in an effective manner is a bit challenging and associated with lot of confusion. Take out your confusion and pain right away by following few rules and tips while writing a press release. Go through our below mentioned Press Release Templates to get started and make writing press releases fun and easy.

In each and every industry, promoting a business is an important strategy from old to current generation in order to maintain public relations and marketing needs. An effective Press Release plays an important role in promoting any business (from small to big) at its best. Or else if your company or organization is planning to make an exciting announcement regarding business, a press release is the best solution to encourage good media coverage to inform your target audience.

Bag It Press Release Template

Big Press Release Samplebook

I know you are more excited to know more about press release forms. Here is the brief description about Press Release Forms and its importance. Also, keep reading to find press release writing tips and templates as examples that allow you to write your own press release.

DPWMD Sample Press Release Template

Event Press Release

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a press statement or news release or media release used for the purpose of reporting some important announcements newsworthy and any other latest happenings. Basically, it is a written or recorded communication that grabs good media coverage in order to spread any important information regarding business promotions.

Officially and technically anything released to the media source or any information released by the act of media is called a press release. It is the easiest and quickest way to make good promotions and free publicity.

Local Press Release Template


Main Purpose of Press Release

The foremost thing that a press release would do is promoting something specific and significant. Press releases can be useful for  In addition, there are three important purposes that a top-notch press release can perform. Let us know what they are!!

  • Let the news reporter get impressed by your effective press release regarding your business and also inspires him to write an article about your business. To achieve this, you need to write such a press release which attracts media to know about your business.
  • Make sure that members of media know about your new product launch announcement and important happenings of your business so that they direct the media to pass around the announcements to the maximum.
  • Promote your business through social media using Blogs and Websites.

Press Release Template

Press Release Templates

Types of Press Releases

There are 6 different types of press releases which are mentioned below:

  • News Press Release
  • Launch Press Release
  • Staff Press Release
  • Product Press Release
  • Event Press Release
  • Expert Press Release

Sample for Immediate Press Release

Sample News Release

Sample Press Release Template

Sample Press Releases

Tips to write a Good Press Release

A great Press Release can make your organization or company or business look very professional and attractive to the writers who are looking for great stories or topics. Hence, writing a good press release is an essential element to secure a television interview or a magazine coverage in order to let public know company’s latest developments.

I think you have got your upcoming announcement ready and now it is the time to put it in words and make a stunning press release through which you can pass the information to your industry, community and followers. Here are the significant Press Release writing tips and rules.

Scholastic Press Release

Suggested Press Release Template

  • Headlines: Give killer headlines that grab reader’s attention. Yes, a strong and catchy headline along with related keywords draws the reader’s attention and inspires him to have a look into your press release.

Most importantly, keep in your mind to give attractive titles to your press release as the title tells the brief and one-line summary of your press release. Hence, invest some time and put maximum efforts to create a compelling headline that grabs a reporter’s mind from thousands of press release related emails in their inbox.

  • Summary: Giving a two-four line summary to your press release is also one of the important elements while writing a press release. It is better to consider writing summary at the end as you will be having your points ready after finishing writing your press release which helps to give a good summary to your topic.
  • Body: In fact, the format of the body of the press release takes vital role as it should cover all the information about the press release and should satisfy reader’s questions and doubts regarding your announcements.

Template Press Release

Template Press Release Sample

Template Release New

  • Straight to the topic: Always, try to convey your views in the first paragraph itself since mostly readers prefer to read the first paragraph to judge the rest. So, each every important point of the press release should be in the first lines of the first paragraph.
  • Lead: The lead paragraph is as important as first paragraph while writing a good press release. Be concise and give clear information with keywords.
  • Contact Information: Finally, a press release should give the complete contact information i.e Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, the company’s website address, the name of the key person to contact regarding the press release and the email address.
  • The boilerplate Statement: This is explained exactly by comparing to “About Page” in any website. This gives the complete information of the company like services provided, vision and mission of the company etc.

Tips Writing Press Release

  • Limit to write your press release using one page and provide access to learn more about your company
  • Another trick to write attractive press releases is including quotes whenever and wherever possible.
  • Make sure the content of the press release is flawless and grammatically outstanding.
  • Use right wording and related keywords
  • Providing some extra links to your press release also makes another great trick.
  • The end paragraph can be something least informative that can include background information about the company. Also, end the press release with a short description of the company along with a call to action. The call to action is something like giving a test drive of the product that you are announcing and providing contact information of the right person to contact regarding the announcements.

VIPS Press Release Sample and Tips

Writing Press Release Sample

In this article, we have provided you few press release templates as examples and give you more ideas to write your own press releases professionally. Hope all our templates satisfy your needs regarding press releases. Happy writing!!


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