Rent Receipt Template : 10 Free Word & Excel Templates


Landlords are expected to provide a rent receipt when tenants pay their rent. Rent receipts help the landlords to record the transaction with details such as rental period, rent paid and the transaction date.

Rent receipt template covers essential information that are required to be captured in a rent receipt; thus, offering peace of mind for both tenants and landlords.

Importance of Rent Receipt Template

In a tenant – landlord relationship, it is essential to keep the transactions documented to safe guard both the parties from any legal issues. During the lease period, rent receipt provided by landlord works as evidence every month.

Even if the transactions are done through cash, money order or check, at times, the importance of rent receipt is overlooked by landlords and tenants. This may potentially damage the relationship and even can lead to litigations. There might be situations when the landlord can claim that he did not receive the rent and can force the tenant to pay multiple rents for the same period. Alternatively, tenant can claim that he had paid the rent without doing so. If there are no documents to furnish, these claims can potentially harm either of the parties financially and legally.

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, including all relevant information in rent receipt is essential for absolute legal protection.

Endowing with rent receipts every month makes renting or leasing a safe business for both tenants and landlords. If you are unsure what information to be included in the rent receipt, then simply follow our instructions here or just download any of the free rent receipt template provided in the article and use it for your transactions.

How to write a rent receipt

Rent receipt is one of the most overlooked legal documents by tenants. It is important for landlords as well to keep track of all the rental transactions. So a rent receipt should include all necessary information such as:

  • Name of the landlord / leasing company and their address
  • Include phone numbers if necessary
  • Amount of the transaction with clearly listed components of charges (Rent, maintenance, repairs, overdue, advance payments, etc. )
  • Mode of payment with transaction id / reference number (credit card, cash, money order, etc. ).
  • It is essential to have a reference number or receipt number to keep track of receipts issues by landlord.
  • Payment date and rental period for which the payment is made.
  • It is best to include who made the payment along with signature evidence and who received the payment with signature evidence.
  • Leasing company seal if need be. 
  • Also add relevant due balance amount which need to be carried forward to next month and essential due date for the next payment.

You may choose to add all these information to write a rent receipt or just decide to download any of our free printable rent receipts and use it.

Rent Receipts Templates

Rent receipt template word

The receipt template comes in a microsoft word document. It captures all necessary fields relevant to rent receipt. It is fully editable and ready to print template.

Rent Receipt Template 1


Rent payment receipt template

If you receive rent and wanted to provide a simple receipt, this template will serve the purpose. The template captures mode of payment as well.

Rent Receipt Template 2


Rent payment receipt form

This blue colored and simple rent receipt template can be used to provide a consolidated rent receipt for upto 3 months.

Rent Receipt Template 3


Free rent receipt template word

This is another word based receipt template comes in grey color. The receipt captures payee’s name, address of the rental place, amount paid and payment method. The receipt even captures who receives the money.

Rent Receipt Template 4


Rent receipt form

If you want to include any description of the property or services included in the rent receipt, this template will best suit you. In addition of capturing rent related information, the receipt template provides enough space for additonal information.

Rent Receipt Template 5


Blank rent receipt

This is a blank rent receipt template capturing necessary details.

Rent Receipt Template 6


Rent payment receipt

If the landlord receives cash for rent, it becomes essential to provide rent receipt. Thus, this simple rent payment receipt can help to satisfy the need.

Rent Receipt Template 7


Printable rent receipt

Easy and printable rent receipt comes with organized and colored table for professional look.

Rent Receipt Template 8


Rent receipt template word document

Simple rent receipt template comes with detailed terms and conditions of rental agreement.

Rent Receipt Template 9


Rent receipt template excel

The rent receipt template excel will help you enter the required values directly to individual cells. This will help maintain the rent receipt format. The template provides enough space to capture individual line items such as overdues, balance forwarded, rent due that month, late fee (if any) and payment received. It can even capture relevant check details and remittance towards any bank account. The tear off nature of this rent receipt can be used by rental agencies to keep track of the rent receipt provided during payment.

Rent Receipt Template 10


Where can I buy rent receipts?

Most of the local stationary shops are equipped with rent receipts. If you are hesitant to buy from them, feel free to print any of the above listed free rent receipt template at your convenience to use them. You can also customize them to add relevant details if necessary.

Precautions to take before using printable rent receipt template

  • Check your local laws to adhere to include all necessary information in the receipt.
  • A tenant can always demand for rent receipts for all cash payments while landlord may or may not provide receipts for check payments as bank transactions work as receipts by themselves.

DO’s and Don’ts in Rent Receipt Template


  • Try to include all necessary fields to capture information in the rent receipt
  • Include space to capture signature and relavant company seal.
  • Ensure to have atleast 2 copies (1 for tenant and 1 for landlord).
  • All cash transactions should be accompanied with a rent receipt.
  • Any rules and regulations can be printed within the rent receipt.
  • Always mention pending amount or overdues in the receipt for the record.
  • Always provide signed original copies to tenants


  • Do not provide any photocopies of receipts.
  • Don’t charge for the receipt as it is a mandatory legal document.
  • Don’t discount the necessity of receipts for transactions between friends.
  • Don’t just provide a receipt without necessary details filled.
  • Don’t use handwritten receipts without valid signatures.


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