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It centers on an important Christian belief that after being crucified to take the punishment for sins committed, Jesus Christ rose again from the dead. A part of the Nicene Creed quotes the occurrence as, ‘On the third day he rose again in accordance with the Scriptures’. The chapter of Resurrection is considered to be an important principle of Christian theology, and is celebrated on Easter Sunday, which is the day of his crucifixion. This free Resurrection Of Jesus PowerPoint Template can be used to highlight the theme of resurrection and salvation in church sermons on Easter Sunday, and can also be used for classes for the study of religions. It can also be downloaded for spiritual music sessions with religious lyrics and with religious images of the Lord, praising the selfless act of Jesus Christ for all of humanity. The free template is designed with an illustration of Jesus in white robes, on a starry night with a silver background to represent his humbleness and pure heart.

Free christian template can be downloaded from below location:

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