Romantic Ballet Powerpoint Template

Founded during the mid-nineteenth period of the 1830s, romantic ballet was grounded in the principles of romanticism, wherein emphasis was placed on appreciation of art mediums with elements that inspired awe.

Ballet Powerpoint Templates

Ballet Powerpoint Templates

Romantic ballet also saw further distinguished features from traditional classical ballet, wherein lighting was used to add mysteriousness and softness to the plays and more props were used during ballet enactments. The free ballet PowerPoint template has an element of romance to it, with a picture of a male and female ballet dancers poised mid-dance performance, in colourful attire and with a certain softness to the blue coloured frame. The PowerPoint can be used by ballet institutes with curriculum of the romantic ballet style, with information related to influence of Romanticism in the dance form and its themes. It can be downloaded by dance education websites with the slideshow containing pictures of certain props they used back in the nineteenth century of its origin and famous dance enactments, such as Giselle. Live demonstration of romantic ballet movements during ballet performances can also have a screening of the template with live video projection and names of the various techniques below.

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