Safe Driving Certificate Template: 20 Printable certificate Templates


Safety is an utmost necessary factor which is to be considered while doing any task which involves risk. Driving is one such daily life event of human’s life that involves a certain amount of risk but can be easily dealt by following certain precautions and safety measures. Following up the safety measures can reduce any kind of mishaps and risks involved in driving. Though, not all the drivers out there driving their own vehicle or the vehicles for rent are not perfect drivers. But the drivers who follow the traffic rules, take necessary precautions and follow all safety measures while driving a vehicle, they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts in making theirs and others ride a safe journey. At such situations, ‘Safe driving certificates are used.

defensive driving certificate of completion

The safe driving certificates are awarded to the persons who are efficient in driving vehicles safely by following all sorts of safety measures. The person behind the wheel becomes the addressee to this certificate when he/she obeys the rules, procedures, and policies of the traffic and road management. Most organizations and driving schools deploy safe driving certificates to their potential trainees and drivers.

defensive driving certificate of completions

Free printable templates

Safety Driving Certificate Template

The certificate for safe driving is rewarded to the drivers who exemplify and showcase an exceptional role while driving vehicles. A driver is eligible for this amazing certificate only when they have driven thousands of miles without any type of mishaps or collisions. Safety Driving certificates are also provided even by national safety council. Such certificates comprise of the driver’s and the issuing date with proper seals and signature of the authority.

Defensive driving certificate template

Defensive driving certificate templates

Certified Responsible Driver template

Certificate for a Responsible driver is another type of safe driving certificate template used for awarding a well-trained driver with the title of ‘Responsible Driver’ after he clears various tests and analysis rounds. Usually, such certifications are awarded to the drivers who are contingent upon their duties of being a responsible driver by performing all driving duties and following every rule on the roads while driving.

Defensive Driving Certificate

Defensive Driving Certificate Online

Defensive Driving Certificate Onlines

Defensive Driving Certificates

Good Driver Award certificate template

The good driver award is yet another certificate catered to the purpose of safe driving. The drivers who drive their vehicles with utmost sincerity and attention are rewarded with these certificates. Such certificates indicate the title of ‘Good Driver Award’ in bolds and have the name of the certificate addressee with the date of issuing. Many organizations deploy such certificates templates for awarding the title of ‘Good Driver’ to anyone with sufficient skills by approving it with organizations validating the signature.

Driving Safety Course


Driving Safety Courses

Safe Driver Award

Most of the professional drivers are motivated to put their hard work and responsibilities while driving to receive this safe driver award. Mostly such safe driving certificate templates are used by the organizations which are needful of rewarding their outstanding drivers for their courteous and safe driving.  In situations when the addressee has to frame a trustful social image or gain a hike while switching organizations, safe driver award certificates are helpful. The safe driver certificate templates can be easily edited with the organization name, drivers name, and the date.


Driving Safety Coursess

safe drive certificate

Certificate of completion

The certificates of completion are used by several training institutes and organizations who provide and deliver appropriate training for safe driving and defensive driving to the interested drivers. As per the completion of the course, the drivers are awarded the certificate completion, which implies them being a safe driver. The certificate contains all the necessary details such as the name of the driver receiving the certificate, the information about the organization issuing the certificate (name of the organization, office code, and address), and also contains the course completion date.

safe drive certificates

Why is it Used

The department of motor vehicles issues licenses to everyone who learns to drive vehicles. But, obtaining a license does not always proves the driver is a ‘safe driver’ to travel with, it only ensures that the person is only a licensed driver and is eligible to drive vehicles in the state or country as per the norms of the department of the motor vehicles or road transport organization.

Safe Driver Certificate

On the contrary, issuing of ‘Safe driving certificate’ to a person ensures his/her ability and will to follow up all the safety measures while driving a vehicle. The person rewarded with the ‘safety driving certificate’ has undertaken road tests and theoretical tests for receiving a proper understanding of the traffic and road rules while driving. Hence they come out to be more trustful and efficient drivers on the roads, which reduces the risk of accidents on roads. Moreover, these certificates are also used for increasing the confidence of the drivers while driving and to ultimately reduce the risk of accidents that take place due to inappropriate driving skills and measures were taken by several drivers.

Safe Driver Certificate Of Merit

Safe Driver Certificate Of Merits

Things that you should cover

While framing a safe driving certificate it is quite important to add certain necessary points. These necessary bullets includes,

  • The name of the addressee (i.e. the name of the driver) must be stated clearly and must be kept in bold with correct spelling.
  • The date of the issuing the certificate must also be written in order to help any future references.
  • The organization or the institute awarding the certificate must also clearly mention the name of their organization. They should even properly authorize the certificate through their seals and signatures of authorities.
  • Authorization of the certificate must be done to make it suitable for official purposes.

Safe Driver Certificate Of Meritss

Safe Driver Certificates

Terms used in these templates

Name of the Driver

The templates must edit the name of the driver properly at the proper place where it must be written. Name of the driver is essential since it would be used by them for future official purposes.

Name of the Organisation

The organization or the training institute issuing the certificate must also state their name and address clearly on the certificate. They can even include ‘certificate number’ for future references.

Safe Driving Certificate


There are several titles provided by the institutes or organization on the safe driving certificate for the drivers. They must be in bolds.


The date of issuing the safe driving certificate is yet another significant part of it since it can be referred in future for verification easily.

Safe Driving Certificates


  • The drivers must go through road test, which would ensure their practical training on actual roads.
  • The track record of the driver must also be obtained through their license number, to ensure the level of training they require.
  • The passing standards of driver’s safety course or theoretical paper must be set high in order to make the drivers more exhaustive about the safety measures.

Final Words

Safe driving certificate’ templates are essential for nearly all sorts of private and government transport organizations. To ensure a core level of sophistication and attention with which the drivers must drive the vehicles, safe driving certificates are necessary for the communities welfare.