Salvation Through Christ PowerPoint Template

One of the cornerstones of Christian principles and values, salvation is a highly valued topic that is given high importance in the New Testament of the Bible, and is said to be achieved through Jesus Christ.

Salvation Through Christ PowerPoint Template1

Salvation Through Christ PowerPoint Template2


Salvation through Jesus is also interrelated to atonement, repentance, sins and forgiveness, and these help in offering guidance for Christians. This Salvation Through Christ PowerPoint Template pays reverence to the chapters ‘Crucifixion of Christ’ and ‘Resurrection of Christ’ of the Bible, and is depicted with a dark silhouette of Jesus Christ nailed to the crucifix, looking upwards at the sky, towards God and hope as well. The free Christian PowerPoint template can be used for presentations in church sermons and services for daily prayers as well as those on occasions such as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It can also be downloaded for use at meetings and seminars of religious and spiritual communities, with embedded audio clips of hymns with lyrics in the background, as well as verses from the Bible such as Matthew 8:18-22.

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