Scholarship Certificate Template: 11 Professional Templates

Scholarships reckon to the financial aid bestowed to a brilliant lot of students who due to economic deprivation are unable to pursue the education they deserve for. These scholarships are penned on certificates to give away to the ones who are worthy of this achievement. Certificates are merely issued to commemorate a handful of reasons. It may be associated with academics, jobs or other subsidiary factors. Scholarship certificates are basically award letters being offered or awarded to individuals on the grounds of attaining a scholarship or as a congratulatory letter.

The authorizing head of this scholarship award letter is the head of any institution or organization who duly signs the certificate. The scholarship award letter is a declaration that appears as a mere notification to selected candidates on the achievement of scholarship being rewarded to or specifically applied by them based on their merits.

Academic scholarship certificate template

Each institution varies in the format and template in which the scholarship certificate is designed. Depending on the type of scholarship, award values and number of years the scholarship is valid, the templates are being designed. Through Ms-Word you can get acquainted to several template forms not necessarily be the format of scholarship award certificates. Some organisations also apply customised templates for scholarship certificate. These scholarship certificate templates vary in colour, size, font, text and overall format. The templates of scholarship certificate may be distinguished based on their formats and organisation.

Blank scholarship certificate template

Formats for scholarship certificates

Framing a scholarship letter is quite cumbersome but is written with approbation. The need for the scholarship should be mentioned encompassing exemplary as well as precise phrases and sentences. The scholarship certificate hails the subject on which the scholarship is based including the sender’s name and address, the recipient’s name and address, name of the institution/organisation, date of issuing the letter and a letter body.

Scholarship certificates are quite different from other forms of certification depending mainly on the kind of organisation it is being offered by as the sole reason behind this is the several policy norms and kind as well as the tenure for which the scholarship is being sanctioned. The scholarship details as well as the award value to be given are clearly mentioned in the scholarship certificate template.

The certificate template, one institution has should not be copied or used by another institution. It should be watermarked or authenticated if possible. The format should contain all the basic guidelines to make the individual aware of the scholarship and details as well.

College scholarship certificate template

Scholarship award letter template

It is being glorified that you have been selected by Department of Media Science, Inspiria Knowledge Campus, West Bengal for scholarship of 1,50,000 INR in order to pursue an undergraduate degree in Media Science. The scholarship has been granted based on your academic merits of 10+2.

The Department of Media Science is glad to have a shining candidate like you. The semester fees till 5th semester have been awarded as a scholarship to you. Total six semesters are there in your course. The first and foremost documentation to be done is send your approval in the form of a ‘thank you’ letter.

The scholarship for your course will be sanctioned to you on receipt of your ‘thank you’ letter.

High school scholarship certificate template

Memorial scholarship certificate template

Free editable scholarship certificate

As the name advocates, free editable scholarship certificate is basically the custom ones. One can simply edit those templates and make some add on depending on the organisation’s needs. There are certain editable scholarship certificates available online which can be downloaded for free. Such editable scholarship certificates can be edited online in any suitable browser. In Microsoft Office online version, templates are available such as ‘Certificate of scholarship (formal green border)’ that can either be downloaded or edited in the browser itself for further easy mailing through online services.

There are other free editable scholarship certificates available in plenty of sites providing the facility to edit and use those scholarship certificate templates for free. For Example: Use the source to download free editable scholarship certificate:

Music scholarship certificate template

Scholarship Certificate Template & Tips

Printable scholarship certificate template

Green with Ornate Border Scholarship Certificate

‘Green with Ornate Border Scholarship Certificate’ is one of the minimalist and the most elegant scholarship certificates available. The certificate is green in colour provided by ornate borders giving a classy appearance. ‘Green with Ornate Border Scholarship Certificate’ incorporates an on point layout and the logo, font and other details can be customised as required and is probably one of the best templates available. Furthermore the template needs to be saved once it is updated.

scholarship award certificate template word

Canva-made template

The black classy template design provided by ‘Canva-made template’ is quite appreciable as a scholarship certificate template for University purposes. The template is intricately designed by black overlay with white borders and text providing a contrast indeed of dark and light phenomena. ‘Canva-made template’ employs a circular background and provides a user free interface easily selectable owing to its drag-and-drop feature.

Scholarship certificate template

Printable Scholarship Certificate Award Template

‘Printable Scholarship Certificate Award Template’ that are not the conventional ones and are easily available that can be printed directly. ‘Printable Scholarship Certificate Award Template’ incorporates a grey overlay along with brown intricate designs.

Sample College Scholarship Award Template Certificate

‘Sample College Scholarship Award Template Certificate’ – those scholarship certificates specially assigned when the candidate excels in any performance. They are not being achieved in the context of education but in the curriculum fields.

scholarship recipient certificate template

Scholarship Certificate Template PDF Format

‘Scholarship Certificate Template PDF Format’ – such certificate is easily downloadable and works in any interface owing to its PDF nature. These are basically assigned for games and sports purposes with a very simple format.

The tips that make scholarship template a professional one can be mentioned down the line through several key points.

  • The scholarship academic letter that is the scholarship certificate template should employ formal languages sternly.
  • The scholarship certificate template should be written well and rechecked twice to scrutinise any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Detailed and descriptive information of the scholarship should be mentioned well in the scholarship academic letter.
  • The sender name, address along with the recipient’s name and address should be mentioned properly.
  • The scholarship certificate template must have the logo and authorized signature of the organisation.

scholarship winner certificate template

Scholarship award wording 

The words used for Scholarship certificate template must be eye catching and in proper formal language. Each word should have clarity and should direct to the person concerned. The letter should mention the reason to offer the scholarship as well as the award value given to the concerned person. The underwritten portion is an overview of the body of the letter the scholarship certificate template possesses.

“With gratitude and immense pleasure it is being notified that you have been selected as one of the scholarship holders by the Department of Mass Communication, M.K. College in the field of B.A. Mass Comm. & Journalism. You have been qualified for full time scholarship based on your high school results. You are requested to response to our scholarship letter on receipt of it. Come soon and enrol for the under-graduate course.”