The template is centred on a form of underwater swimming and diving called scuba diving, which originated during the early twentieth century and was associated with pearl and sponge divers.

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 Scuba divers carry around the equipments of an underwater breathing apparatus that is self-contained and a pair of swimming fins on their feet. There are two types of breathing apparatus- open-circuit scuba where the diver’s exhaust is expelled directly into the water and closed-circuit scuba or rebreathers, where the oxygen unused by the diver is filtered or sorted from carbon dioxide and recirculated. Scuba divers are also diverse in the various sub-fields they work as instructors personally and/or professionally such as lifeguards, paramedical, military divers, and for the various branches within scuba diving such as cave diving, deep diving, ice diving, etc. Scuba diving is also taken for the studies of science such as marine biology, oceanography, geology, etc. This free underwater PowerPoint template has the simple design in blue tones representing the water and yellow representing the land above, with an exploring scuba diver in the water, set against a white frame. The template can be used by websites of scuba and underwater diving associations or clubs on their websites for the services and packages they offer tourists and marine life enthusiasts. Marine biology and marine biotechnology students can also use the template for presentation on underwater diving and discovery of new species of sea organisms.

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