10 Silent Auction Gift Certificates (Easy-to-Use Templates)


When you organize for a silent auction with a purpose of raising fund for any charity, then you must attractively display the gift certificates. This will lure the buyers and will make them opt for more items. I am sure you want to give away all the things during your auction and mobilize fund. For attaining the desired results, you must know some best ways to display the silent auction gift certificates.

I can understand your concern.

Concern1: Where to get gift certificates from?

Concern2: How to display gift certificates at a silent auction?

I am happy to address both your concerns. For your first interest, you can download gift certificates for free from this page. And regarding your second issue, just read below for I have shared some tips.

Silent Auction Gift Certificate

3 Tips For Effectively Display Gift Certificates At Silent Auction

  • Let Your Gift Certificates Invite Buyers

When it is said to display, then you know it is arranging the gift certificates on the table, widespread and visible to all. What is the new tip I am going to share here? I guessed your thoughts correctly, right? But, I have a different view about displaying the gift certificate to attract buyers. Unlike presenting them merely on the table, you can arrange the gift certificates with some photos. These pictures will help them understand better about the gift certificate item and its worth. This simple addition along with the display will tempt them to buy that thing. Imagine when you write ICECREAM and Keep a photo of a melting chocolate into the mouth of a kid, which one will attract more? Indeed, the 3D image. So, think about some pics kept in along with the certificate.

Silent Auction Gift Certificate free

  • Provide Details Upfront

You must give the information pertaining to the gift certificate in detail. The item title, base price value, bidding slab, and the other restrictions if any. This will help buyers to have a clarity and write down their quotes to make your silent auction event a grand success.


Silent Auction Gift Certificate free sample

  • Make The Gift Certificates Look Visible

Make sure to arrange the certificates in order so that people will get an idea of what comes after that. In the auction, people will go around and hence leave a space of minimum 6, and a maximum 12 inches will give clarity for the buyers to look at them and decide.

Trust you will be able to make a significant auction this time with these simple tips.

It does not stop there, and the next question lingering in your mind is about the display of gift cards in a basket. Let me walk you through those details now.

Silent Auction Gift Certificate sample

How To Display Gift Cards In A Basket

Baskets can be displayed to maximize the bidding. It is also more attractive in arranging gift cards in baskets than leaving them just like that.

You must arrange a basket with gift cards relating to one theme and put them in one place. This will increase your bid because buyer need not run around to collect the items required and all will be present in one basket.

For example, you have an auction of selling recital tickets for one year, and you have a gift card. It could either be a gift card with 12 months printed in it or a pre-purchased ticket. You can keep them in a basket along with the flight details and accommodation details. Also, signed memorabilia and favorite CDs. You will see these tickets are sold faster than any other because you have given enough details to arrest their concerns regarding the concerts. They will just need to purchase the basket and pack their bags for the show.

Similarly, you can keep baskets with different themes.

Silent Auction Gift Certificate samples

Silent Auction Gift Certificate template

How To Make A Gift Card Tree

The purpose of a gift card tree in an auction is to display the cards from various retailers in one tree. Yes, you can make the items visible this way and name every tree so that each one of them with different gift cards with the same idea. Food-related gift cards in one tree, electronic items in one tree and so on. This can help buyers quickly identify and also let them compare price from various dealers and make a quote accordingly. Remember to give out all information as you did in gift certificate so that you can maximize the chances of bids.

Silent Auction Gift Certificate templates

Getting into the actual detail that you are looking for.

Steps Involved in Making the Gift Card Tree

  1. Collect the gift cards before you start with making the tree to have an idea about the size of the tree. Use any gift card from here for your perusal.
  2. Take a terracotta pot and place the Styrofoam in it. You know the tree thickness to plan for the foam placement. There is no need to stuff it from the bottom to the rim and at the same time let it not remain very less as well. Keep foam at an optimum level.
  3. Cut branches from the tree and remove the leaves and if you desire to paint them and let them dry.
  4. Tie the gift card with satin ribbon in such a way that the details are correctly displayed.

Silent Auction Gift Certificates

  1. Name the tree based on the collection of the gift cards tied to
  2. Place some green leaves to fill them a fresh and drop some candies to make it magnetize the buyers.

SilentAuction Gift Certificate

SilentAuction Gift Certificates

You can feel amazed to look at it and purchasers will also feel happy about the arrangement and you can make more sales during your silent auction.

Good Luck To Raise More Fund Than Ever Before For Your Good Cause!


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