A solicitor is a legal professional who deals with matters pertaining to matters of law in courts and its authority.



In India, the Solicitor General is second in position to the highest authority in legality, the Attorney General. The Solicitor General of India holds his/her post for three years, and takes up the role of advisory body to the Government. The duties of a Solicitor General are to act as the legal advisor to the Government of India; to represent the government in front of the Supreme Court and High Courts and the President for cases, petitions, etc; and to perform duties as ordered by the Constitution of India. The Solicitor General cannot hold private practice for any party except Government and its institutions, defy the Government of India or advice parties to act against it. The free solicitor PowerPoint template has the picture of a golden balance scale, representing objectivity and only saying the truth under the eyes of the law. The template can be used by law education websites about the role of solicitors in the stability of the government, and duties discharged by solicitors. Law career websites can also use the PowerPoint slideshow for talking about the prospects of becoming a solicitor.

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