The template is centred on the topic of spring season or springtime, which is one of the four seasons across the world that occurs from March to May.

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 510 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 510

It usually follows the cold months of winter and comes before the hot months of summer, and is associated with blooming of flowers and plants. Spring metaphorically represents rebirth, warmth and renewal, and days of spring usually last from twelve hours with the span increasing as it transitions to summer due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis close to the Sun. During spring, festivals are also celebrated in various parts of the world such as in India, where Holi (festival of colours) and Sankranti (harvesting festival) take place during this period. This free nature PowerPoint template has the design of trees in bloom in pretty colours of faded yellow and a joyful blue sky, as seen during spring season. The template can be used by school students during presentations on the various seasons. Education websites can use the slideshow for talking about cultural events associated with the season and gardening websites can also use it for information on seasonal flowers and food crops that can be grown in a home garden.

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