Star Naming Certificate Templates (15+ Free Official Looking Templates )


Looking for a special gift for your loved ones? Do not know that particular gift? Here you go with the star naming certificate template. It is just fun to name a star after someone. Ok, I know that you want to know how to do these certificates. They are offered for free on my site while few sites charges for the star naming certificate.

Name A Star Certificate Templates for Free

Yes, it is for free. Do you know why? It is straightforward. Can anyone own a star? Do you know the owner of a star? I agree that you are getting annoyed with these questions. But, the truth is no one owns star. Then, who am I to sell start name to you. Selling star name is illegal.

IAU the International Astronomical Union is the official authority that will name stars. No one can name a star without their consent. Hence remember that the star naming services offered on various sites will keep the name in a private database and they are not the official names.

So, you can find star certificate templates for free which you can give it to anyone you want to,

It’s time to know more details.

The Origin Of Star Data And Its Accuracy

Thousands of catalogs are designed over decades and the database of every star naming organization or registry. Complete lists acting as the base for star name database is the UCAC3 and the Tycho-two star catalogs. Combined both the directories have hundred million stars in the sky. Hipparcos catalog amended these data, and it officially contains 100,000 stars along with the accurate position details.


How To Name A Star For Free

You can find several websites with star naming services at different rates. But, there is no guarantee about their genuineness. I want you to know the following steps to name a star directly.

Six Simple Steps To Name A Star 6x Effectively

  1. First select and dedication and name for your star.
  2. Remember the name must be a personal name and specific dedication. You must make It unique for whom you are planning to send it.
  3. Then choose a constellation. The night sky has eighty-eight constellations and zodiac has twelve constellations. When you know the zodiac sign of the person for whom you want to register a star. Now, select the one-star naming organization.
  4. Ensure if the names are free.
  5. Finally, enter the dedication and name to pick a star.
  6. Simple, you need not pay anything.

You wanted to register a star in someone’s name, and you did it. The recipient will rejoice in happiness and feels proud for your gesture of love.


Name A Star Gift NASA

 On a lighter note, NASA can sell spacecraft to you and not stars. But, jokes apart nobody has signed any treaty with space to sell anything. These star naming certificate templates are designed for fun and just loaded with creativity

Ok, coming to the point you want to name a star gift NASA? No way. However, you want it? Then, no issues.

The “official” star registry that is by the IAU has rights to name a star. But, IAU is not connected with NASA. The IAU uses a catalog and astronomers refer the star names with numbers and not names based on their coordinates. ,

Then how come the names like Regulus and Sirius got those names? Good point to think about. These may be one of the names that obtained popularity. They are not the official names.

So the question is again you can name a star gift NASA for fun, and it has relevance to the reality.

Now, do I need to answer the question that is running through your mind How To Name A Star After Someone Officially? Yes, you can name per your wish after all it is for fun. Never try to claim any royalty to any name, and it is illegal.


Best Place To Buy A Star

I know that many companies do the star naming service and email you a certificate. It is not offensive as they select a star, assign a name which you asked for and records it. Then they design a certificate and send it to you. They do not use that name for any purpose, and hence it is not against any law. It is like buying any other gift from online stores.

If you know how to design a certificate, then you need not buy a star. You can develop on your own.

The last but an efficient way is to use the templates from here for free. Download the star naming certificate template and personalize based on your need. Give the constellation name, dedication and coordinates details and save them to print it. You have purchased a different star naming certificate. AND IT IS FOR FREE. Feels good isn’t? Yes, it is.


Star Naming Certificate

Today it has become a trend to exchange gifts for every occasion. Irrespective of the age people love to give and get gifts. When it comes to the certificate, it is nice to have them a hand on the walls. Every time you look at it, you can have all the fun.

Even in movies star naming has gained popularity. To quote the place where it happened in the movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans,” the hero Hugh Grant wanted to name a star and gift his wife to get her goodwill. It’s a comedy movie with a blend of the romance of the year 2009 and worth watching. Hang On. Did I deviate from the subject? No, but yes. So watch that movie and have fun seeing Hugh trying to name a star for his wife.

These days thousands of people want to express their love by giving star name certificate.

Staracle International Star Directory

Ok, I will tell you how to generate star names using

First, click the link and in the space provided in that page mention the constellation name.

I tried mine, and it is Aquarius which means a Water Carrier.


The following information I obtained:-

  • Zodiac constellation Aquarius is an ancient constellation. It was identified as a person pouring water out of a jar by the Babylonians.
  • The time between 21st January and 19th February born individual will have this zodiac sign.
  • It is the brightest star the Sadalsuud or the Aquarii.
  • Adjacent constellations include Pegasus, Pisces, Cetus, Sculptor, Pisces Austrinus, Capricornus, Aquila, Delphinus, Equuleus.

What Should You Do With These Inputs?  You can download the template from here and fill the details based on the constellation and print it out. You can give star naming certificates to anyone using the Staracle International Star Directory. All the details generated are genuine, and you can print the certificate for gifting your friend, spouse, child, etc.

Star Dedication Quotes

 There are several Star Dedication Quotes available for free here. You can get inspired by them and create your own wording or merely use them and impress your girlfriend.



International Star Registry Certificate

International Star Registry is the real star naming company and naming stars since 1979. Take a look at their site to know more details. They have named stars for people including dignitaries and celebrities.

Star Dedication Registry

Do you want to dedicate a Star to someone?

Take help from Star Dedication Registry and dedicate a star to anyone you want to and make them feel special. Every dedication will have a link, and you can view the star online. It can be emailed or texted to the recipients. You can schedule a specific day and time for them to receive the link and they can click and view it.

Even many mobile apps are available for you to share with your friends. Go ahead and personalize them with your photo embedded in it. Write any message, send them YouTube video, and printable star naming certificate.



My Few Cents

So I made it very simple, and I am sure you understood the basics of star naming certificate. Additionally, you can make the event more memorable with handmade gifts along with the star naming certificate.

Trust me, a handmade gift with a free star indicates a lot of love, and you will be close to their heart forever.

Please note we are not naming any star officially. We are providing certificate templates for fun and education purposes only.


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