Free Sunrise Yoga Powerpoint Template


This sunrise yoga powerpoint talks about Surya Namaskara. The free Yoga PowerPoint template is set against the backdrop of a blue sky with the sun shining on the silhouette of a woman practicing Surya Namaskara. The free powerpoint template can be used by yoga instructors to demonstrate the different steps. It can be used as video templates at home to practice this yoga. It can also be used by students in projects.

sunrise yoga powerpoint


Surya Namaskara also known in English as Sun Salutation is a common sequence of asanas. Its origins lie in India where its large Hindu population worships Surya, the Hindu solar deity ranging from that of physical exercise in various styles, to a complete sadhana which incorporates asana, pranayama, mantra and chakra meditation. It is often the beginning vinyasa within a longer yoga series. Surya Namaskara may also refer to other styles of “Salutations to the Sun”. The oldest documented book with clear depictions of asanas is the Sritattvanidhi, though there is no mention of “Sun Salutations” in the text, it does describe the asanas Sarpasana, Gajasana, Uttanasana and series of asanas done in tandem, similar to Sūrya Namaskāra.


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