The Supreme Court of India is the highest legal body that acts as the reigning authority on laws set by the Constitution, and is a judicial body which acts as the courthouse for final appeals and delivering decisions of finality on legal cases.



The duties of this ruling legal body include acting in the role of an advisor, a court of appeal, interpreting the Constitutions and its set of laws, acting as a federal court and to deliver justice to its citizens. The organisation chart of the Supreme Court of India consists of the Secretary General, registrars, additional registrars, assistant registrars, deputy registrars, branch officers, advocates, etc. The free law and court PowerPoint template has been designed keeping the Supreme Court’s principles of objectivity and impartiality in mind, with the picture of Lady Justice holding the balancing scales in her hand. The template can be used by the Government websites for information about the duties, organisational structure and list of law officers of the Supreme Court. It can be used by law education websites about latest or the most important cases handled by the Supreme Court in history and currently.

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