The muscular organ that along with the brain forms an essential part of breathing and being alive, the heart is located at the center of the body, and leans more towards the left side.

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Fitness and staying active can help in keeping the body as well as the heart in shape and fit, and 30 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough to do so.

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A cardiologist, different from a cardiac surgeon, is a specialist in the study and treatment of the blood vessels and the heart.

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Each medical specialist uses certain instruments for checking the patient for concerned ailments and diseases.

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A healthy lifestyle is needed to keep our most precious and vital organ, the heart, safe and changing times have ensured that the risks of cardiac diseases are on the rise.

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Cardiology, the medical science studying the heart and the blood vessels, is a relatively complex field and requires approximately 10 years of studying, including 3 years of practical training to make students cardiologists by profession.

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