If you are in the salon business, you must have also an idea about the significance of baby’s first haircut. Isn’t it great to award the parents of the baby a first haircut certificate? They will be surely delighted by your gesture. Make sure to left an empty place on the certificate where the parents can paste a photograph of their baby after receiving the first hair cut as it is a brave act performed by the little one. After all, sitting at one place for so long that too before a mirror is no less than a feat for a baby. It always remains an important event for the parents and some parents ensure that their baby receives his or her first haircut within few months of birth.

So, if you are eager to present such certificates, you can effortlessly make use of our readymade baby’s first haircut certificate templates. There is a beautiful collection of such templates below that you can download and can print the same to keep the entire affair hassle free.   Continue reading