The muscular organ that along with the brain forms an essential part of breathing and being alive, the heart is located at the center of the body, and leans more towards the left side.

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Each medical specialist uses certain instruments for checking the patient for concerned ailments and diseases.

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With the surge in technological innovations at hand, treatment of cardiovascular diseases has now no longer become a hassle.

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The human heart is the body’s blood pump for the circulatory system, and provides the pumped blood rich in oxygen and other nutrients all over the body through its blood vessels.

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Yoga is a universally known and ancient art of exercise and meditation that helps in achieving a healthy body and mind.

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The heart’s electrical system is responsible for the pushing of blood to the lungs, blood vessels and rest of the body.

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A healthy lifestyle is needed to keep our most precious and vital organ, the heart, safe and changing times have ensured that the risks of cardiac diseases are on the rise.

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