It is the religious book for Judaism and Christianity contains all the important gospels and hymns dictating the various moral and social principles and customs that followers of the religion must abide by.

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The template has the design of image of a child in the act of learning to emphasize on early education for children from toddler hood.

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The free PowerPoint template can be downloaded by medical hospital staff and pre-med students interning at hospitals for presentation at rural villages and towns, with image clips of certain symptoms of common illnesses and with video clips aiming at creating awareness on healthcare services and other important issues pertaining to its location such as birth control issues, malaria, etc. Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template100 Continue reading

Also known as contraception, birth control aims at prevention of pregnancy and curbing the population of any area from burgeoning or increasing through planning ahead.

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It is necessary for every individual, irrespective of his or her age to get a health check-up done regularly as they could point to the development of any potential medical complications and their prevention subsequently.  Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template105 Continue reading

The template focuses on community gardens, which can be defined as a large garden tended to by a group of people.

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The template talks about islands, which is a land-locked piece of subcontinent that is surrounded by an ocean, a sea or a lake around it on all sides.

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The template focuses on the season of winter which occurs between autumn and spring and brings cold weather and snow in certain parts of the world.

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It is a set of rules and rights as per the law that gives consumers the entitlement to knowledge about goods and services, brands and fair trade.


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This template talks about the ball that is used in the game of Baseball. The ball used in baseball is called a baseball as the game as well. Free-Powerpoint-Template 646 Continue reading

This template talks about a Gastroenterologist. A Gastroenterologist is a physician with dedicated training and unique experience in the management of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

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