The yoga benefits powerpoint talks about the health benefits of yoga. The template can be used by yoga instructors to explain about the various health benefits of practicing yoga and how to maintain a healthy life. It can be used by fitness experts to suggest to people the benefits of Yoga and how to practice it and also explain about the benefits. It can be used by doctors and dieticians and nutritionists in seminars, conferences, and counseling sessions where various points on the health benefits of yoga can be put in the slide and it can be explained to the people. Continue reading

This sunrise yoga powerpoint talks about Surya Namaskara. The free Yoga PowerPoint template is set against the backdrop of a blue sky with the sun shining on the silhouette of a woman practicing Surya Namaskara. The free powerpoint template can be used by yoga instructors to demonstrate the different steps. It can be used as video templates at home to practice this yoga. It can also be used by students in projects. Continue reading