Terrorism Awareness Powerpoint Template

This Terrorism Awareness Power-point Template is used to provide awareness about terrorism. Terrorism comes from the Latin verb terreo meaning ‘I frighten’. Free-Powerpoint-Template 636

Free-Powerpoint-Template 636a

Terrorism referred to acts committed by a government, currently it refers to the killing of innocent people for political purposes in such a way to create a media spectacle. They are generally a group of people who stand against the government and the people and commit atrocities to ensure they attain their objectives. The terrorists typically use the following words to describe themselves, such as, separatist, freedom fighter, liberator, revolutionary, vigilante, militant, paramilitary, guerrilla, rebel, patriot etc. The free Army PowerPoint template is set against a cream colored somber background in the middle of a desert and has the image of tanker at one end and at the other side, a man lying on the ground with a shoulder missile who can be taken as a terrorist trying to destroy the tanker. This terrorism powerpoint template can be used in presentations and seminars on the topic of Terrorism, students can use this template for projects on terrorism.

Download this free Army PowerPoint template from below location:

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