This template talks about the ball that is used in the game of Baseball. The ball used in baseball is called a baseball as the game as well. Free-Powerpoint-Template 646

Free-Powerpoint-Template 646a

The center of the ball is either cork or rubber. This is wrapped in yarn to bring it up to the correct size and finally tightly enclosed with two pieces of white material (which may be either cow or horse hide) and stitched together. The quantity of yarn used to tie up the cork or rubber may extend to over a kilometer for a single ball. The ball is 9.0 to 9.25 inches in circumference and about 2.86 to 2.94 inches in diameter. Two seams can be seen running across the whole surface of the ball where the hides have been stitched together. These are typically red in color, and are raised from the surface of the ball. This raised stitching act like the wings of the airplane and causes the ball to swerve in the air as it is pitched on its way to the batter/catcher. Through the control of spin on the ball and the stitches, the pitcher manipulates the path and the direction of the spin in the ball. There are balls and balls of course, and some balls have created a history of sorts. The ball which Mark McGwire hit for his 70th homerun in the 1998 baseball season to set a game record was later auctioned off by a fan to a collector for some three odd million dollars creating another record. The free Baseball PowerPoint template is set against a white background and has the image of a white ball joined with red twine or thread. This template can be used in online websites selling sport equipments and accessories. It can also be used in school projects and trainers in sports academies can use this template with various other kinds of ball used in different games and explain their usage.

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