The template shows a game of baseball in action. There is a batter in action and has just missed the pitch and the catcher, in full regalia is crouched in his normal pose on the verge of collecting the ball.

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Next to the pitcher, the catcher’s is the most important position / role in baseball. There are some claims to his being the most important role in the defensive game – a role which is rounded enough with all qualities that lead to a catcher often ending up the captain of the team. The overall skills called for in a catcher have resulted in a number of them ending up as coaches of teams themselves later on in their career. Catcher is a position for a player in baseball and it is located behind the batter, in front of the home umpire facing the pitcher and the rest of the field, waiting to field the ball sent in by the pitcher. While the primary duty of the catcher is just what the name implies, ie catching the ball pitched. Since he is uniquely positioned he is in the best position to observe and direct other players in the defensive role, and is often called to do so. He uses hand signals to the pitcher communicating the types of pitches needed. His role faces him to foul tips, bouncing balls and contact with runners during plays require that a catcher is well protected from bodily harm. His protective equipment includes chest and throat protectors, face mask, thick gloves and shin guards. There have been many great catchers in the history of the game – Connie te Mach, Yogi Berra, Steve O’Neill, being the few who have left an indelible mark. The free Catcher PowerPoint template is set against a grey and white border with a batter attired in a red sportswear trying to hit a ball and missing it while the catcher wearing a white sportswear geared with protective gears trying to get hold of the ball. This template can be used by the coach of a training camp for demonstrating various methods a catcher can react to a ball approaching. It can also be used by schools for teaching a catcher’s position and importance of the various gears used in a baseball game. This can also be used in online shopping showing the various gadgets and gears used by a catcher.

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