Green Things + Things That Are Green for Kids Learning Colors

Are you searching for things that are green in the world? You would be surprised to see this collection of green things.

We live in a world where there was once an abundance of green color. Yes, I am talking about greenery that nature bestows on us but in its own race to get civilized and more advanced, our nature has now less green and more of other colors. The color green stands for harmony, balance, and harmony. In hospitals too, you may have noticed, there are always green curtains as green is just opposite to red in the color wheel and for doctors as well as patients, it is relaxing to the eyes and make them feel better in a hospital environment.

Things that are green

There are millions of things that are green in the world, starting with the grass in your own backyard. For kids, they may prefer to focus on things like leprechauns, which typically wear a green hat. Money, is also green and makes a great coloring printable for kids.

While in many parts of the world, green has a special place as a color of harvest and happiness, green is also a color of great significance in Islamic countries across the world. In The western culture, the color green is a symbol of Christmas festivities when combined with red and also implies progress. Surprisingly, it is also the color of military uniform of the army in most countries as the color helps to camouflage. So, let us know the things in nature that are green.

What are things that are naturally green?

You may wonder, what else in nature is green when all the plants, grasses and trees are green. Well, there is a long list that I am presenting you below. Just have a look and you will be utterly surprised to discover so many things in green around you!

  1. Keel Billed Toucan

Keel Billed Toucan - Things that are greenThe bird found in abundance in rainforests and tropical forests has one of the most colorful beaks. Its beak has more green than any other colors. Extremely sociable, these birds feed on mainly fruits, insects, and lizards. Some even feed on tree frogs and eggs. However, due to rapid loss of habitat, these birds are now in danger.

  1. Green Anole

Green Anole - Things that are green

Commonly found in the coastal plains in North Carolina, these small lizards can be completely green. These are also found in plenty in the Caribbean islands. However, they can change their color to brown as a chameleon and are also known as red-throated anole.

  1. Indian Ringneck Parakeets

Indian Ringneck Parakeets - Things that are green


This is a type of parrot found in Indian sub-continent in abundance. Known for its talkative nature, the birds is considered extremely intelligent and a favorite pet bird of many across the world. Such a parrot usually has a bright red beak and a long tail.

  1. Cabbage Maggot

Cabbage Maggot - Things that are green


This is quite a destructive insect that stick to crops mainly cabbages and cauliflowers. Found across the states of North America, a cabbage maggot can easily dig a tunnel in the roots of a crop plant to make it prone to diseases and hence is dreaded by farmers. This insect mostly thrives in a wet and cool weather condition.

  1. Flea Beetle

Flea Beetle - Things that are green


One can easily find the shiny and dark green colored small beetles in a home garden. As they can jump, they are called flea beetles. They pose a serious threat to plants in a typical planting season and damage the new leaves like no one else.

  1. Green Betta Fish

Green Betta Fish - Things that are green


Native to Thailand, this attractive fish is found in river systems and can be also found in other colors. Its scientific name is Betta smaragdina. These are also much loved by people as they look great and demand less attention when kept in an aquarium.

  1. Green Peafowl

Green Peafowl - Things that are green

Also known as the Java Peafowl, these are extremely beautiful large-sized birds found in plenty in South-east Asia. It features a glorious train of feathers and are not migratory birds. There is a substantial difference in size between male and female green peafowls.

  1. Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak - Things that are green


Found widely in Britain and Ireland, this is a beautiful butterfly with green wings. Both the wings feature a brown border and this makes it look quite distinctive. Both the male and female butterflies have similar wings and can be identified only via their change in behavior. Its scientific name is Callophrys rubi. 

  1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper - Things that are green

Known for their capacity to jump to an incredible height, a grasshopper is a medium sized insect that you can easily spot on lush green grass. These small harmless insects are common across the world in forests and woodlands. Their typical food items are grasses, leaves, shrubs, weeds, and bark.

  1. Praying Mantis

Praying mantis - Things that are green

Although the insect looks like a grasshopper at first glance, it is actually a predator of the same as well as, most pest insects.          The ferocious looking insect is adored by farmers and gardeners. The insect is named so because its front legs are bend in a fashion that it looks it is praying. 

  1. Green Lacewings

Green Lacewings - Things that are green

These are beneficial insects like Praying Mantis and are a part of the pest control program in many nations. It is found commonly in North America. While, these insects when adults feed on nectar and honeydew, it is the larvae that feed on small garden pests.

  1. Yoko Ono

Yoko One Flower - Things that are green


This is a beautiful flower completely green in color. It is grown all the year round in Columbia. These are also known as green button poms or ‘kemit poms’. Once the flower bloom, it remains fresh for 10-12 days.

  1. Northern Green Frog

Northern Green Frog - Things that are green


This is a kind of frog that is found in plenty in the north-eastern part of North America and few other parts of the world. Their common habitats are edge of the lakes, streams and swamps. They love solitude and are nocturnal.

  1. Green lynx spider

Green Lynx Spider - Things that are green

The green colored spider is much loved by farmers for its ability to control pests. It is found on multiple kinds of shrubs in Florida and other parts of America. It seldom bites a human being but aggressively attack insects that harm crops. Its scientific name is Peucetia viridians.

  1. Green Stink Bug

Green Stink Bug - Things that are green

The green stink bug is found in North America and seeds, grain and fruits. It can cover a long distance in search of food. Its scientific name is Chinavia halaris. Strange enough, they lay eggs that are yellow in color but later turned pink and then gray.

  1. Green-breasted Mango

Green breasted mango - Things that are green


The scientific name of this small humming bird is Anthracothorax prevostii. The bird has a small curved bill and is found through the tropical lands of America. The primary food of such a bird is nectar, small insects, and other invertebrates.

  1. Short-tailed Green Magpie

Short tailed green magpie - Things that are green


This is a beautiful bird predominately found in the forests of Java. It is not the green feathers but its bright red beak and eye rings that make it look attractive among all other birds. It makes a musical sound.

  1. Green Vine Snake

Green vine snake - Things that are green


Found in India, Burma, Bangladesh and other countries of South-East Asia, the snake is a slender one and only mildly venomous. Its scientific name is Ahaetulla nasuta. It has the strange habit of staring and striking at the eye when somebody picks up that also cause blindness.


Turaco - things that are green

The medium –sized bird features a bright red ring around its eyes. The non-migratory birds are commonly found in Africa in forests, woodlands and other regions. They alert other birds with their alarm calls when they spot any predator in their neighborhood.

  1. Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtle - things that are green

The green sea turtle belongs to the family of large sea turtles Cheloniidae. It is found all major oceans like the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. Presently, these are an endangered species due to rapid habitat loss and sea pollution.

So, what do you think about our collection of naturally green things that nature has bestowed us with? Please share your thoughts in the comment box. We sincerely believe that our collection will help kids and adults alike to enhance their knowledge about things that are green.

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