Things That Are Yellow (List of 30+ Natural Yellow Things With Pictures)

Need a list of things that are yellow? Yellow things are everywhere in the world. Maybe you need a list of ideas for a pre school activity, or for kindergarten students. Regardless, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of yellow things for your activity!

Yellow is a unique color that comes in between green and orange. It is a secondary color that is made by mixing red and green at equal density. The color yellow is associated with prosperity and happiness. There are lot of things around us that are in yellow color. Many of them are natural and many man-made. Yellow color is reflected in the flags of many countries like Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Mozambique, Vatican, Chad and many more. In religion, yellow or saffron is a color associated with Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. One can also see the color yellow in traffic lights as a signal to go slow.

Yellow Things, 30+ Things That Are Yellow by Nature


Sunshine - Things that are yellow

The color of the sun is known to be white but due to the scattering of light, the color we see becomes yellow. The sun is also yellow in color due to constant process of fission and fusion. The sunshine is the prime example which is in light yellow in the midday. Who doesn’t loves the morning sunshine?


Apricots - Things That are Yellow

Bothriechis Schelegelii

Bothriechis Schelegelii - Things that are yellow


Cheese - Things that are yellow

Yellow Frog

Yellow Frog - Things that are yellow

Yellow River – Hormoz Island

Yellow River Hormoz Island - Things that are yellow


Lemon - Things that are yellow

Lemon which is also known as citrus fruit is also yellow in color. We all use lemon in our daily lives for different purpose especially in cooking. Lemon has multiple advantages and one of them is its benefit in digestion. Due to its acidic nature it is used for cleaning purpose especially old utensils made from bronze, silver and copper are cleansed with lemon. Lemon contains vitamin C and has uses in medical field.


Banana - - Things that are yellow

Banana is one of the most common edible fruits we eat. It is the most consumed fruit because of its availability and cheap cost. Banana is consumed as a primary contributor of energy to the body. People consume banana every day in order to maintain energy level in their body. It is consumed raw basically but sometimes is cooked especially when it is in early stage of growth.

Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk - - Things that are yellow

The Egg yolk is also yellow in color and is found in the inner part of hen egg. The yolk part basically contains nutrients and is where the chicken is formed. The yolk section contains a major amount of fat, energy, protein, carbohydrate and cholesterol. Due to its fat content many people avoid eating it and only consume the white part.


Corn - Things that are yellow

Corn which is also known as maize is a grain and is widely produced all around the world. Corn or maize is basically used to produce wheat which used in producing daily food that we consume. Corn directly from the plant is consumed after roasting it in fire in the Indian subcontinent. Sweet corn is used as snacks nearly everywhere after adding spices, salt and lemon.

Mustard Flower

Mustard Flower - Things that are yellow

The color of mustard flower is also yellow in nature. Mustard is seed plant that produces small grains of mustard that when grinded produces oil commonly used in household for cooking purpose. Mustard oil is also used in message as it has antiseptic nature. One can see mustard flower on the plant just before the mustard grain is produced in the plant. In India, mustard flowers can be witnessed all over the agricultural field in the month of February and March.


Lion - Things That are Yellow

Lion which is known as the king of Jungle is also a part of list of yellow things in nature. The pups of the lioness look more yellowish. Lions are certainly the most majestic creatures in the world. Lion is a carnivore’s animal that hunts wild beasts, buffaloes and dear. Lions live in pride of 10-15 and are known to be family animals unlike cheetah.


Gold - Things That are Yellow

Gold is a metal and certainly the most valuable metal which is one of the famous yellow things. It is precious metal used in jewelry and also as a medium of currency. In early years, gold was used as a medium of currency. Even now, dealings in black are still evident in gold. People believe that gold is auspicious. Gold is much more prevalent in Indian subcontinent as Hindus buy it on every auspicious occasions especially on Diwali and Marriages.

Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever Dog - Things That are Yellow

Golden Retrievers are dogs that come in golden or almost light yellow color. They are large breeds of dog that are pet in nature and are extremely cute and lovely. Many people who are fond of pet dogs consider golden retrievers as the best choice because of its big size, subservient nature and cute look. Despite being of big size they are manageable and extremely friendly.


chicken - Things That are Yellow

Chickens are mostly light yellow in color. They born when the egg of a hen is hatched. It takes around 21 days for an egg to get hatched. Young chickens are fed for few months till they grow up to their full. The female chicken which turn into hen lay egg and are left while the male chicken or cock are sent for slaughter. Some of them are left for mating.

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Cheetah - Things That are Yellow

Cheetah is regarded as fastest animal in the world with a speed of 112 kmph. Cheetahs are predator who generally prey for antelopes that come into their range because of light weight. A cheetah’s body is extremely flexible and light therefore it manages to accelerate to 112 kmph. Cheetahs unlike lions don’t live in group or with their partner instead prey along or with their brothers.


Tiger - Things That are Yellow

Tiger is also a yellow color animal with black strips. Tiger also belongs to the cat family and is the national animal of India who is in considerable number in Sunderbans. Unlike the lions, a tiger is shy and it would be difficult to spot him. During the times of British era, a significant amount of tigers were hunted down bringing their numbers to less than 1000 which now is around 1700 in India.


Sulfer - Things That are Yellow

Sulfur is a nonmetal with atomic number 16 and is found abundant in nature. The color of sulfur is yellow and is in crystalline form. Sulfur in its other form is called sulfuric oxide which is used in commercial work.


Petrol - Things That are Yellow

Petrol or gasoline is a liquid fuel used in vehicles and industries for combustion. Petrol is the most common form of fossil fuel and is a non-renewable form of energy. The color of the petrol is golden yellow and is highly combustive in nature. Petrol is used nearly in all forms of vehicles and especially in car and motorbikes.


Potato - Things That are Yellow

Potato after peeling is light yellow in color. Potato is a vegetable and is certainly one of the most common vegetables used all around the world in nearly every dish. Potato is used to cook nearly all kinds of dish. From French fries to Burger potato is used in all such eatables. Potato contains high amount of carbohydrates that provide energy.


Sunflower - Things That are Yellow

Sunflower is a flower that is extensively used to extract oil that comes in edible use. The petals of the sunflower is in yellow color while the inner part is in brown color. In botanical terms, sunflower is known as helianthus. Sunflower oil in its botanical terms is known as helianthus annuus. In 2014, sunflower oil’s production was around 15.8 million tons.


Marigold - Things That are Yellow

Marigold is a yellow color flower found especially in the American subcontinent. Some of the species of marigold is found all over the world. Marigold flower is quite common and is used in flower bouquets, garland and as decorative. Marigold flower is planted in the gardens as they look attractive and beautiful and also they smell awesome. Marigold looks round and is also known as Tagetes patula.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose - Things That are Yellow

Yellow rose is another branch of red rose which is common all around the world. Yellow rose is used mostly in bouquets and is given mostly to people to whom you are extending your gratitude and friendship. Yellow is the symbol of friendship therefore it is essential to add in a bouquet present to your friends.


Tulips - Things That are Yellow

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their elegant design makes them look extremely poise. Tulips come in different colors but the color yellow looks extremely pretty. One can use it to present to their close ones in order to express gratitude and a sense of comradeship. Tulip’s season of growth is spring.

Bachman’s Warbler

Backmans Warbler

Bachman’s warbler was a small migrant bird that is probably extinct. This bird was evident in America and Cuba but it became extinct and was last seen in Louisiana in 1988. The species became threatened due to habitat destruction and later became extinct. The bird was discovered in 1832 by John Bachman in South Carolina.


Turmeric - Things That are Yellow

Turmeric is a rhizomatous plant that belongs to the ginger family. Turmeric is known for its ointment feature as it is used for medical purpose. It is also edible and is used as a spice to give flavor and color to a dish commonly in south Asia or the Indian Subcontinent. Turmeric in India is used in traditional and religious functions like marriage where Haldi ritual is performed by rubbing the whole body with turmeric.

Gram Flour

Gram Flour - Things That are Yellow

Gram Flour is a wheat produced from chickpea. It is used to cook different varieties of food items. Gram flour is much used in the Indian subcontinent. Gram flour is rich in nutrition and especially in protein as it is the crush of chickpea which is highly protein diet. Some gram flour dish include Curry, fries and chila.

Yellow Pulse

Yellow Pulse - Things That are Yellow

Yellow pulse is also known as Arhar Dal which a type of pulse that is eaten in Indian subcontinent. The pulse is cooked using water and salt and is then fried using oil and spices. Yellow pulse is the main contributor to protein in a veg diet. Yellow pulse eaten in almost all the houses in India. The color of the pulse is yellow.

Blood Plasma

Blood Plasma - Things That are Yellow

Blood Plasma is a constituent in the blood of humans. Plasma constitutes 55% of the body fluid and works in blood clotting where fibrinogen component of the plasma works in blood clotting creating a mesh like structure to block the flow of blood. Plasma also works as antiseptic and fights infection.

Yellow Leaves

Yellow Leaves - Things That are Yellow

Leaves become yellow when they grow old and become dormant. After chlorophyll is removed from the leaf, the leaf becomes yellow in color. Yellow leaves are also common in some plants that have leaves with different colors. Yellow leaves can be seen on trees and plants in the time just before the spring where tress shed their leaves.

These are the 30 natural things that are in yellow color. Yellow is the color of friendship and shows the spirit of happiness.