Top 20 Free Online Project Management Softwares

Project management is an integral part of any business to manage the workflow smoothly. This has become more important in the wake of globalization with many people now working from home, but if you are running small business it is naturally that you can’t afford to have costly dedicated project management softwares. In such a scenario, there is no need to worry as over the web there are some brilliant free online project management softwares that you can check out below.

1. Wrike

Wrike is the most useful free project management software with free file sharing, spreadsheet view, ranking tasks as per your priority, basic integration, etc for a a small team comprising of five members.



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2. AceProject

Get the basic package of the project management tool and can manage two active projects for free with ample support, easy access to your data and many more features. Although not very fancy, it indeed posses a great intuitive dashboard.

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free online project managment software2


For small businesses as well as individuals, the online free project management software offers all the tools necessary at a single place. Moreover, it is very much secure with its SSL encryption and offers tracking of milestones, time, expense, etc.


free online project managment software3

4. Bijingo

The web based project management tool allows easy file sharing, budget management, issue management,task management, portfolio management and many other beautiful features including online gantt charts.


free online project managment software4

5. Zoho Projects

If you have just one project to manage efficiently, the free package is there that can really help you to break your complex project into multiple manageable units so that it can be completed at a fast pace in an effortless manner.



free online project managment software5

6. Box

For a single user, managing projects can be now very easy with the facility of accessing files from anywhere, online workspace, etc.


free online project managment software 6

7. Solo 

The fantastic free online project management software is best for freelances who want to keep track of their projects on a brilliant dashboard. However, its Duet version has more exciting features which is unfortunately not free.



free online project managment software 7

8. 2-Plan-Desktop

Do you want a portable tool for managing your projects if they are still in their nascent stage, then the free software with its project planning tools, graphical indicators and free training videos seems to be an ideal choice.




free online project managment software8


With a web -based user interface, the fully configurable project management software is best for small teams and is straight forward in its overall approach that makes it suitable for managing multiple projects simultaneously



free online project managment software9

10. Project Management Studio 

So, there is a free software that is perfect to download for your windows to have a gantt view of a project and more importantly it allows the user to get information about the current state of his or her project via a dashboard along with many other bright features.



free online project managment software10

11. GraFire

If you are a freelancer and often longs for a super easy project management software that can end your woes by tracking time, generating invoices and secure file uploads, GraFire does not deserves a miss.



free online project managment software11

12. OpenProj

With more than 80,000 successful downloads, the software is much like Microsoft Project  and is written in java programming language. It offers excellent support to its users and can be recommended for a small team.



free online project managment software12

13. Easy Projects

For a single user, the free package offers unlimited guest users, IGB storage space, resource loading, interactive gantt chart, 50 custom fields and many more than ensure management of multiple projects in the most easier way indeed.



free online project managment software13

14. ProjectPier

The web based software facilitates your project management by organizing the same into milestones, task lists, etc with no restriction on number of projects or users like other free software.



free online project managment software14

15. Grindstone

Sometimes to manage a project, time tracking is the most needful thing to do and the wonderful software exactly do the same with its powerful reporting, reminders, assigning rate to individual tasks and what’s not to manage a project on windows platform.



free online project managment software15

16. Eclipse Manager

Best for all windows devices including mobile phones, the absolutely free software is ideal for managing all projects at a single place effortlessly  as it is super easy to keep track of project progress as well as of money and time spent on the same.



free online project managment software16

17. SmartDraw

Now make the best use of mind maps, timelines, project charts to ensure that your every project is delivered on time  with the free downloadable software.



free online project managment software17

18. project Yap

The lightweight application can be used to manage both simple and complex projects on windows 8.1 like no other free software.



free online project managment software18

19. NCH Express Project

To maintain all the components of a business project, the free software can be used as it has some brilliant features like automatic scheduling of tasks, ease in assigning resources and many more.



free online project managment software19


20. Hot Plan 1.7.2

Whether it is managing projects, ideas or just thoughts, the free software for Mac is the best one to use by its simple and effective features like notifications, calendar view, rich notes and many more to say.



free online project managment software20

Hope, all these software can make your task easy to manage projects efficiently. The best part is that most of these are either downloadable for free or you need to do a one step sign up to be able to use these software on your system, mobile device or anything else.