The template focuses on trekking, which can be defined as an outdoor activity similar to hiking, where people go on nature trails with a backpack and camping along the way.

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 526 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 526

Trekking is usually done along mountainous or hilly tracks, and the trekker is geared up in walking shoes, hat, cargo clothes or cotton clothes, with amenities such as food and water, bedding roll or sleeping mat, tent, trekking pole for walking aid along difficult terrains, ropes, mallet and clothing. Trekking is usually done for appreciation of nature and trekkers usually camp at cabins at wilderness areas along the way. Those who go for trekking activities must have survival and adaptability skills, navigation skills and first aid knowledge. This free nature PowerPoint template features the design of a nature trail in green along a forest area with a sandy path, hinting at trekking and the colour scheme of the inner slides are in a beige colour, setting an earthy theme. The template can be used by trekking clubs on their websites for previous events and upcoming treks, with contact details. Tourism and travel agencies organising trekking tours along mountain areas for large groups can use the PowerPoint on their social media pages for better reach.

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