Types of Digestive system PowerPoint Template

The Digestive system PowerPoint template talks about the Women’s gastrointestinal system or the digestive system, which is different than that of men’s.

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It features the image of black human body highlighting the stomach the main organ of the digestive system in red and the intestine in blue. Not only are women physically dissimilar, some organs and hormones of women also operate differently. Women have more sensitive bitter and sweet taste buds. Certain organs in a woman’s GI tract- the esophagus, small intestine, colon or large intestine and rectum- are more sensitive than men. A woman’s muscles that prevent the backflow of food and stomach acid into the esophagus and windpipe are stronger and more efficient. A woman secretes less stomach acid than a man, reducing her risk of developing acid-related ulcers. A woman’s stomach empties food more slowly than a man’s. Until old age, a woman’s large intestine empties more slowly than a man’s, increasing her risk of constipation. The hormones progesterone and estrogen can make a woman’s gallbladder empty more slowly and increase the cholesterol in her gallbladder, doubling her risk of developing gallstones. A woman has a different enzyme system that breaks down medications in the small intestine and liver. Hormones produced during pregnancy can affect a woman and hormones can also increase a pregnant woman’s experiences of nausea, gallstones and heartburn. The free Digestive System PowerPoint template is set against a white background and has the watermarked image of a heart in the foreground.  The template can be used in seminars and conference by doctors to talk about the difference in the digestive system of women and men. The free PowerPoint template can be used in lecture sessions by teachers and students can also use this in projects or a comparative study.

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