Villages Agriculture Powerpoint Template

The free Agriculture PowerPoint template is set against a natural background and has the distant view of a tractor in a dry land and set in a village. The template can be used by economic students to do a study or research on agriculture in Indian villages and this template can be used in the final presentation. It can also be used by teachers to explain how the villages do agricultural activities and feed the entire country.



The template talks about agriculture in Indian villages. The written history of agriculture in India dates back to the Rig-Veda, written about 1100 BC. Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India. Although India has attained self-sufficiency in food staples, the productivity of Indian farms is below that of Brazil, the United States, France and other nations. Indian wheat farms, for example, produce about a third of the wheat per hectare per year compared to farms in France. Rice productivity in India was less than half that of China. Other staples productivity in India is similarly low. Indian total factor productivity growth remains below 2% per annum; in contrast, China’s total factor productivity growth is about 6% per annum, even though China also has smallholding farmers. Several studies suggest India could eradicate hunger and malnutrition within India, and be a major source of food for the world by achieving productivity comparable with other countries.  By contrast Indian farms in some regions post the best yields, for sugarcane, cassava and tea crops.  Yields for various crops vary significantly between Indian states. Some Indian states produce two to three times more grain per acre than in other Indian states.