13 Volunteer Appreciation Certificates : Free Printable Word Documents

If you run an organization that seeks the help of volunteers to make the society a better place to live, it is best to have the volunteer appreciation certificates ready. Volunteers are not asking for a pay or awards, but giving them such appreciation certificates will surely boost their morale and inspire them to work more dedicatedly in the near future. We know that creating such a certificate all by yourself is a tough task if you are not a graphic designer by profession. So, here we are presenting a small collection of printable volunteer appreciation certificates that you can download for free.

Certificate of appreciation for church volunteers

certificate of appreciation for church volunteers


The use of soft gray and white in the certificate makes it an elegant one and appropriate for the occasion as the certificate is meant for volunteers who work in your church. An image of Christ on the cross to the left and greenery at the bottom conveys the same. Meanwhile, there is also an image of the Holy Bible used as a watermark on a white background. The frequent use of green and red to highlight text is simply adorable.

Certificate of appreciation for volunteer service

certificate of appreciation for volunteer service


The certificate here features an amazing border like a bee hive in purple and white. The rest of the design is, however, simple with a large blue header and organization name in orange on a white background. You are edit and enter your organization name and can even change the font color as per your desire to get that perfect look.

Certificate of appreciation volunteer work

certificate of appreciation volunteer work


The certificate features an elegant design with the use of interesting graphics at the top and bottom in various hues of orange. The orange colored header on a white background and the rest of the text in black, except the reason for awarding the certificate, gives this an earthy feel and look.

Certificate of recognition for volunteer service

certificate of recognition for volunteer service


The certificate depicts rays as its background which conveniently conveys how much the person to be awarded the certificate has done with his or her volunteer work for your organization i.e. bringing the sunshine in others life. The use of bright orange along the border and in the organization name gives a special touch to the otherwise simple certificate.

Church volunteer appreciation certificate

church volunteer appreciation certificate


With a different shade of green at the top and bottom, the certificate is a sophisticated one. The use of an image of the Christ on Cross and the Bible justifies its use for awarding those who have volunteered in Church. The best part is the delicate and extremely decorative header in green as well as the verse from the Bible at the bottom in smaller font size.

Free certificate of appreciation for volunteers

free certificate of appreciation for volunteers


The certificate features a classical motif in its border in brown and white. The rest of the certificate oozes simplicity with text in maroon, black, and orange on a white background. However, a dash of red and yellow at the bottom and the decorative border cements its credibility as an appreciation certificate for any kind of volunteer work.

Girl scout volunteer appreciation certificate

girl scout volunteer appreciation certificate


The certificate is apt if you run an organization that works for the betterment of kids as the design layout features illustrations of kids in multiple outfits brimming with joy to the right of the certificate design. There is also a watermark of probably a book on alphabets for kids. The design conveys the bright sun rays appearing from the center. Moreover, the bright border and the green header make this all the more radiant.

National volunteer week certificate of appreciation

national volunteer week certificate of appreciation


The use of blue and red border lying adjacent to each other around a white background makes an excellent combination. The use of two golden stars at the both sides of the blue header and conventional black for text makes the certificate a charming one that perfectly fits the bill whenever you need to appreciate the volunteers in your organization.

Parent volunteer appreciation certificate

parent volunteer appreciation certificate


The wordings of the header says it all in this beautiful certificate. The lace-like blue border around a white textbox that has its text in blue, black and orange is an endearing one. There is also ample white space in the certificate that makes it clutter-free in its appearance.

School volunteer appreciation certificate

school volunteer appreciation certificate


The ornamental border in golden color on a white background speaks volume about the sophistication that the certificate oozes without appearing garish. The use of a large header in contrasting black and a red circle at the bottom are the prominent features of the appealing certificate.

Volunteer appreciation certificate

volunteer appreciation certificate


The certificate features a beautiful design with the use of various colors like green, orange,  and purple at the top and bottom. The narrow blue border and the attractive header are the added attractions. It also features beautiful motifs in two of its opposite corners in purple and green.

Volunteer appreciation certificate recognition

volunteer appreciation certificate recognition


The certificate has a very distinct look with its monochrome color palette. Even the borders are there in some places and not in other places on a white background. The only solace of color is in the form of an orange colored text for the organization’s name. Overall, the look is decent and quite refreshing.

Volunteer firefighter certificate of appreciation

volunteer firefighter certificate of appreciation


The red border around a white text box and text in black defines this certificate. The three stars below the red header in three different colors and a watermark of a begging hand are the other design elements of the certificate.

There are not many people on the earth who love volunteering. After all, the job is demanding and rewards are non-existent. However, there are also many people with a heart of gold who prefer to work as a volunteer in various non-governmental organizations and agencies funded by the Government. It is the effort of these volunteers that the horrors of countless natural disasters get minimized. Thousands of people offer to volunteer work after World War II, the 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean and more. Had this been not the case, the sufferings of million will never come to an end. It is always a good practice to provide them with volunteer appreciation certificates to encourage such behavior.

Please feel free to download the certificates and edit them as per your convenience. Remember, working selflessly for the sake of others is a rare thing that only a few do and so appreciating them is a noble task. We always strive to bring the best certificates or templates and this time too, we have done the same.