Stunning 25 Walking Certificates (Editable Word Templates for Schools & Clubs)


Well, it is not a rocket-science to DIY design WALKING CERTIFICATES with just your knowledge of Microsoft Word and inserting some design elements that you can download from various websites over the web. I understand your concerns that designing a certificate that you can present to somebody without any professional help will be not that eye-catching.

No worries, I am here to HELP YOU in this regard and BELIEVE ME, you can  do the impossible with my free walking certificates that you can download without spending a single penny! What’s more, you can even edit these certificates in MS Word. Here, on this page, you will find as many as 25 stunning walking certificates that are designed with a lot of thought and effort.  

Free Walking Certificate Templates

Check out our nice collection of certificate templates in word format which are designed thoughtfully to serve your purpose.











Suitable wordings to write in a walking certificate

Now that you are aware of the benefits and I am here talking about certificates, it is time to let go all the confusion regarding the wordings. Yes, I know that you are still skeptical about what to write and what to not in a walking certificate. Words are also equally important as much as the design as it should be appropriate as per the event as well as the age of the recipient. Just look at the below walking certificate and you can have a concrete idea about the wordings.

It is also essential to keep in mind that you can also design walking certificates that you can use to appreciate the efforts or achievement of any person who has started walking and that too regardless of his or her age. The key is to leave blank space in the place of name, date, signature, event name and so on to keep it simple, effective and suitable to use instantly.


You need to be specific that whether the walking certificate is for which of the following ones:

  • Participating in a walking competition
  • Winning a walking competition
  • Achieving a certain walking distance

The kinds of headers that you can put in a walking certificate are also of multiple types. LET’S HAVE A LOOK

  • Walking Competition
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Pro-Walking
  • Certificate of Walking

You might want to look at the free walking certificates provided exclusively for Sponsored walking events at school from here.

In some certificates, you can put a sub-heading as is done in some of the walking certificates below











Walking Certificates- What’s the need?   

According to health experts across the world, walking is an excellent exercise to stay fit and which can be done by any individual regardless of his or her age. However, it is also a truth that fewer people are now walking to reach their destinations than earlier.

Imagine! Our parents and grandparents used to walk daily for miles to reach a shop, hospital or school/college but now with all things near our homes, we walk less. Even if we can cover a distance by walking, we prefer to use a vehicle more.

In short…

We are now leading a sedentary lifestyle. We all have an easy access to either public transport or have private vehicles. Even reaching the nearest grocery store by walking leisurely is now not preferred. A fast paced lifestyle is also a culprit as to save time many people now even chose an elevator then to walk up the stairs.

Everyone seems in a hurry!

Therefore, if any of your loved ones if has recently started walking and has even participated in a walking competition or has successfully completed a walking challenge, awarding to him or her walking certificate will boost confidence. This will instill a new a new energy to continue walking overcoming all hurdles.

printable walking certificate_1




walkin_ school_bus_certificate


walkin_ school_bus_certificate_1








How to create a walking certificate using MS Word

Yes. I am going to tell in this post that how you can do it without any experience or creative skills. You need to FOLLOW STEPS that I am presenting below.

  1. Open Microsoft Word in your computer/laptop.
  2. Click on Office Button and then click on NEW. A new window will open.
  3. Now click on certificates that will appear in the left pane of the new window
  4. Soon certificate template from Microsoft office online will appear
  5. Choose any one from the same and download
  6. Now open the downloaded certificate template, edit it and save
  7. Print your certificate on a border art paper and fill the blank spaces with a good pen ( preferably ball pen)

Make sure to incorporate some images related to walking in your certificate so that it can be relevant. Some of the images that you can download from the web are the following ones:

  • A girl/boy/man/woman walking on a road or pavement
  • Pair of walking shoes
  • Feet

However, if you think, even the above steps will consume your precious time; you can go through our free editable walking certificates to download the one that you liked most.

I sincerely hope that my walking certificates will help you immensely. Walking itself is a great move to stay fit without joining a gymnasium or spending your hard-earned money on buying expensive fitness equipment.



















Benefits of cultivating the habit of walking

Do you know only walking for 150 minutes on a daily basis can increase your life span by an approximate 3.4 years? It also controls your weight, keeps blood pressure low, gives protection against dementia, prevents osteoporosis and diabetes, diminishes cancer risk, and most importantly keeps your heart healthy.

Go through our walking certificates and imagine yourself getting one of them one day. The best way to do the same is to take the help of any of the numerous mobile apps that can track the number of steps that you have walked each day to keep you in a tab of your walking habit.

If possible, participate in walking competitions held in your neighborhood or other location. You may never know when you will get a walking certificate like the below one.

If you walk daily, encourage your friends to do the same and award them the below certificates by filling their name, date and yes, your signature. They may laugh at first but will surely get MOTIVATED TO WALK…..

After all who does not love receiving a beautiful and professional looking certificate?

We hope that you have loved our collection of walking certificates and can make use of the same for awarding participants or achievers in any walking competition organized in your vicinity. Just look at all the certificates and download the ones that seem to you perfect to serve your purpose. We also request you to write down your opinions or views on our collection in the comment section below.


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