The template is centred on the topic of a waterfall, which are areas where water drops vertically from the course of a river.

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 522 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 522

Waterfalls are formed when the river is young, and courses over bedrock and then erosion occurs for the water to gush out in the form of waterfalls. Its flow is usually deep and the force of falling is hard and fast. The types of waterfalls include cascade, cataract, frozen, ledge, horsetail, plunge, tiered, etc. Some famous waterfalls in the world are Niagara Falls in North America, Angel Falls in Venezuela, India’s very own falls in Courtallam, Kerala, Iguazu falls in the Brazil-Argentina border and so on. This free nature PowerPoint template has the design of serene and gushing stream of waterfalls from the crevices of weathered rocky boulders, surrounded by patches of green moss. The template can be used by education, science and geography websites for topics such as the formation of waterfalls and famous waterfalls across the world, which can be downloaded by school students for projects. It can also be used by tourism websites and travel agencies for providing information about waterfalls in various countries and when to visit them.

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