12 Beautiful Joomla 3.2 Responsive Templates Free To Use For Websites

In the hi-tech world where mobile devices are affordable for masses, responsive templates are a must have for every type of websites and as Joomla is the most preferred platform for website development free Joomla 3.2 responsive templates can be of great benefit for all who does to hire a developer for template designing. There are plenty of such templates available for free over the web and among those the best 12 free joomla 3.2 responsive templates are given below for your attention.

1. Td Corcha 

The responsive Joomla 3.2 template is compatible with version 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 also and has cross-browser compatibility.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://demo8.joomlatd.com/?template=td_corcha” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlatd.com/joomla-templates/free-templates/doc_download/57-td-corcha.html” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlatd.com/joomla-templates/free-templates/view_document/57-td-corcha.html” target=”blank” ]More Info [/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template1


2. Smart One  

The responsive joomla 3.2template is compatible with its lower versions also up to 2.5 and has a jQuery slideshow as well as variety of module styles.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlathemes.co/demo3x/smartone” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlatemplates.me/minimal-responsive-business-template/” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template2


3. Corporate 

The template is best for a hosting company and even for a software one with a thorough professional look and plenty of custom styled modules.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlathemes.co/demo3x/corporate” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlatemplates.me/responsive-business-theme/” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template3



The beautiful responsive 3.2 Joomla template has a good three-column design and multiple module positions.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlathemes.co/demo3x/hyper” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://joomlatemplates.me/responsive-mobile-ready/” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla3.2 responsive template3

5. JA Magz

The beautiful Joomla template with robust T3 framework has recently been updated to 3.2 and is perfect for news magazine or portals .

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ja-magz.demo.joomlart.com/index.php/en/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlart.com/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=504″ target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template5

6. JA Nex for T3 Framework

The template ideal for news portals is also updated recently and has a beautiful color contrast as well as a clean layout.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ja-nex_t3.demo.joomlart.com/index.php/en/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlart.com/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=500″ target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template6


7. Purity III

With easy to configure layout and apt for usage of the template in any kind of website or blog, purity III has been always a favorite of developers.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://purity_iii.demo.joomlart.com” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlart.com/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=519″ target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.joomlart.com/updates/joomla-templates/free-responsive-joomla-template-purity-iii-is-now-joomla-3-2-3-ready” target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template7


8. Magazine 

The  responsive Joomla 3.2 templates has a two column layout and boasts of plenty of sidebar modules.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”https://demo.gavick.com/joomla25/magazine/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”https://www.gavick.com/download/joomla-themes/magazine” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template8


9. Free Estate, June 2014

Compatible with Joomla 3.3 also, the template is fully optimized for SEO purpose and boasts of a clean code.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/demo.php?view=pc&t=FreeEstate” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/View-document-details/496-Free-Estate-free-Joomla-template.html” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template9

10.  Section , March 2014

The responsive joomla 3.2 templates is great for any kind of business with its professional look and an image gallery.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasvit.com/business10/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/View-document-details/473-Section-March-2014.html” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template10

11. JoomlaSpirit 76

The template compatible with its lower versions is suitable for service websites or any other and boasts of a clean code with no javascript.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.template-joomspirit.com/template-joomla/template-76/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.template-joomspirit.com/joomla/free-joomla-templates/product/download/file_id-131″ target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template11

12. JoomSpirit 99

The lightweight responsive Joomla template with CSS3 animation loads really fast and exhibit cross-browser compatibility.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.template-joomspirit.com/template-joomla/template-99″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.template-joomspirit.com/joomla/free-joomla-templates/product/download/file_id-223″ target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

free joomla 3.2 responsive template12


Hope, you will surely appreciate the collection of these free responsive joomla 3.2 templates. However , some of the template needs a registration to get permission to download the requested template without any charge at all. You just have to go through the demo page to actually understand which one fits your bill exactly before zooming on at any one template. Share your comments about our presented collection of 12 responsive joomla 3.2 templates free for sure.