28 Catering Invoice Templates Free Download

Vast collection of catering invoice templates are organized in this article to provide sophisticated experience to the visitors. Feel free to use any of the below listed catering invoice templates for your personal and professional use.

1. Catering Invoice Sample

This catering invoice is a formal doucment with details of billing, event details, services provided and offers included for the customer, etc.



2. Catering Receipt Template

The below template comes with easy to customize features. You can customize it with your company name, slogan, logo and contact details. You can even change the font color to make it fit your need.


download3. Catering Bill Invoice Template

In the below catering bill invoice template, you may include list of items including beverages, food items, description of the food served, price and quantity.  The total amount can be calculated based on individual line items.


download4. BBQ Catering Invoice

The BBQ catering invoice comes with a suitable background image. The background image contains a chef along with fruits, vegetables and barbeque food. The table overlay on top of the background provides best invoice template for your catering business. CATERING INVOICE 4

download5. Printable Catering Invoice

Printable catering invoice comes with a generic thank you note which can be customized to make it unique for your nature of catering business. In order to save time, generic information can be stored and then only the billing information can be changed for every new invoice.



6. Outdoor Catering Invoice

Outdoor catering invoice is important to plan your catering event. This would help to keep your customer expectations right. The invoice number, customer details along with contact number to be filled in the invoice. Type of event, date of event and location of event should be mentioned in the invoice to make it more clear.



7. Restaurant Catering Invoice Template

Restaurant catering invoice template has provision to include maximum and minimum guest count. Price per guest (child / adult), any service charge per hour, cost of the venue and any other expenses can be included in the rows so as to arrive at the total cost.




8. Catering Invoice Template Word

This is a word caterign invoice template suitable for printing directly from microsoft word without any further hassel. The background images of coffee cup, cake and juice mug will add beauty to the invoice template.



9. Catering Business Invoice

If you are running catering business, this invoice will suit your need.  This is a simple catering invoice with blue color base. Simple tables to add your valued fields in columns and rows based on your requirements.



10. Wedding Catering Invoice

Wedding catering invoice requires you to breakdown the entire menu that the client had ordered. This means that you mention every item of beverages, soups, starters and main food that are going to be served in the wedding. If you are offering alcohol, even that needs to be added to the invoice to make it clear.



11. Catering Tax Invoice

This invoice gives provision to add tax to your catering invoice. The challenging chef mascot adds professional look to your catering business.



12. Catering Invoice Template Download

You are allowed to do catering invoice template download from this article to use it for your catering business. The below template is another best invoice template you can use.




13. Catering Billing Invoice

The billing invoice has a chef icon which can be replaced by your logo. The background provides a good look for the catering billing invoice. The details are captured in a table along with tax.



14. Catering Order Invoice

This one is similar to template 13. However, the blue colored table and the chef icon with blue board makes it different.



15. Food Catering Invoice

If you want to project your logo and business name on top of the invoice template, this food catering invoice can help. On top you may add logo replacing the chef with vegetables and also you can add the business name in the center.



16. Sample Catering Invoice Free

The blue color table and the chef mascot gives professional look to this simple catering invoice.



17. Catering Invoice Form

This catering invoice form is available as an online editable pdf form. You can fill in the details and take a print out straight away without any need to convert the format into any word or excel format.

catering invoice template 5


18. Catering Invoice Free Template

This free catering invoice template comes with a simple format. This is only available in pdf format. You may not be able to edit the current file. However, you may be able to copy the contents and use this format to produce your own catering invoice for your business.

catering invoice template 10


18. Blank Catering Invoice

This is another pdf catering invoice sample. You can copy the fields into a word document and use that as format to provide catering invoices.

catering invoice template 9


19. Sample Catering Invoice PDF

Catering order form showcased in this sample can best be used by any cafe’s and restaurents. The format is good to display per person cost and to display different pricing for different menu levels.  You can even add any specific notes to specify customer requirement in addition to what is printed in the catering invoice.

catering invoice template 7


20. Catering Invoice Template PDF

Simple and most elegant catering invoice template available in pdf format for your catering business needs.

catering invoice template 1


21. Basic Catering Invoice

Event based catering invoice with basic details is displayed here. This invoice templates show cases importance of capturing number of guests, customer name, event details, event time, event date, event location and the food requested by customer in details.



22. Catering Invoice Template UK

If you are running a catering business in UK, you have to adhere to sales tax of the country. The following free invoice format would best suit you. Please note this is available only as a pdf template. So it is upto you to use the fields and regenerate a template suitable for your catering business.

catering invoice template 4


23. Catering Invoice PDF

The below shown template is available in pdf format. It is another best example for simple yet detailed invoice format. The invoice template captures all required details in one single page.



24. Food Service Invoice Template

Food service invoice template can be best fit for businesses who are into delivering food to different venues. The professional table coloring and neat format can be best suited for your catering business. Please note that this is also only available in pdf format. You may have to work on your own to copy the format from pdf to word file.

catering invoice template 6


25. Catering Request Form

Businesses who accept prepaid orders or orders of large quantities to specific events can use the below catering request form. The request form captures customer details and food menu which need to be served during the event along with date and time of the event. The catering request form also captures contact person for billing with his contact number for any communication if required.

catering invoice template 8


26. Basic Catering Invoice Template

The basic catering invoice template is available in PNG format. You can only use this as reference or as a blank catering invoice and fill up the details after printing.



27. Catering Billing Template

If you are looking to provide detailed menu items with short notes on guest numbers and price, this catering billing template would be the best fit.

catering invoice template 11


28. Catering Invoice Template Excel

The following catering invoice template excel is one of the best basic catering invoice template with logo and RF id. This is the most simple and stylish invoice template for catering business. This one is available in excel format so it is very east to edit the details compared to any other format.


Catering Invoice Template 28

downloadThe article will not have proper conclusion if we don’t provide what needs to be included in the catering invoice disclaimer. Here are some basic instructions for you to include them in disclaimer.

Catering Invoice Disclaimer

Disclaimer to any invoice is essential as it provides catering terms and conditions under which the service is provided. The disclaimer would help to protect both the interests of service providers as well as the customers. Some of the key things that is necessary to mention in the disclaimer :

  • Advance to be paid and split of payment. You may choose to have 50-50 or 40-30-30 formats of payment based on nature of your catering business. Also you can mention, when these payments are due.
  • Minimum and maximum time frame to change the menu items  along with clause for any additional charges for revised menu items.
  • Penalty for cancellation of order within the stipulated time.
  • Time frame to change the guest count.
  • You can also include ratio of servers / bar tenders per the guest count at nominal charges.
  • Any other service clause if specially needed for your catering services.

Adding the above listed catering terms and conditions in your catering invoice disclaimer will help to reduce any dissatisfaction through assumptions.

Having a standard catering invoice templates like these will help you to be more productive and can help to smooth the process of overall billing cycle by avoiding repetitive work. Instead of creating an invoice template everytime, it would be much beneficial to your standard catering invoice templates as and when it is needed. We hope that this collection will be of great use to you. Feel free to let us know what you think about the templates. Add any other free resources from web by commenting on this page.