5th Grade Graduation Certificate Template : 24+ Printable Diploma Templates


Are you running a primary school, and keen to have some colorful graduation certificates that you can award to the bright students of 5th grade? Such certificates can light up their face, but for the same, you require printable 5th-grade graduation certificate templates.

I believe that you may have ample work related to the day-to-day operations of your school, and with the award function, around the corner, it is highly unlikely that you will have time to design. Also, in all probability, you may not be well-versed with designing tools.

Free 5th Grade graduation certificate templates

5th grade completion certificate

You may be deeply worried as then what can you do to meet your requirement. This is more so because hiring a designer to have the certificates is not at all feasible if you are running a small primary school with a modest infrastructure. However, with me to help you in this regard, you need to relax and just learn the tricks of getting beautiful 5th grade graduation certificates.

5th Grade Certificate of Achievement


5th grade completion free certificate

I am here going to show you the best way to create 5th-grade graduation certificates from scratch. The best thing is that you can do this yourself with your basic skills in operating a computer, which I think includes the knowledge of Microsoft Word.

So, let’s have a quick look at the given below steps in detail.

5th grade graduation certificate


5th grade diploma certificate


Things you can write in a 5th grade graduation certificate

When you start the designing, you will start wondering about the things that you need to include in the certificate. For a newbie, it is often difficult to comprehend the same, but when you will have the idea, nothing will stop you. While you will have to be naturally careful about the choice of words, it is better to stick with the tradition of avoiding too many words so that it looks clean and professional.


5th grade graduate


Following are the things that you need to include in your certificates:

  • An ornamental border
  • A large header
  • A sub-header
  • Date and Year

The date and year are optional as you can just leave a horizontal line for the same on which you can write the date and year when you will use the certificate. This way, you will be able to create a large number of free templates for 5th grade certificates.

5th grade graduation ceremony

School Diploma Certificate Design


5th grade graduate certificate

As if this is not enough…

I am here to guide you also regarding the various kinds of header that you can include while designing the certificate. Here are the header types.

  • 5th grade graduation
  • Graduation certificate
  • Certificate of Promotion
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Achievement

School Diploma with Education Suppliesdownload-psd-file

5th grade graduate diploma

Children with Diploma Template


5th grade graduate free templates

You have ample scope to be creative while writing a heading but go for simple words only that kids can understand. For 5th grade promotion certificate wording, think of using subheadings like ‘Congratulations’,  ‘presented to’, ‘this is to certify that’, and so on.

5th grade graduate templates

professional school graduation certificate


Learn the small steps that you need to follow to create printable graduation certificates

Now, it is time to become clear that you have to use your basic computer skills to create the certificates that you want to present to the deserving kids of your school. So, let’s have a close look.

  • Start your system and open MS Word
  • Click on the ‘New’ in the menu and a new window will appear
  • Out of the three panels of the new window, click on ‘Award certificates’ in the first panel
  • A range of award certificates will appear soon in the middle panel of the new window
  • Choose the one that seem most appropriate for use and click on the ‘download’ button in the right -hand corner
  • Open the downloaded certificate and edit to to include your heading and subheadings
  • Feel free to include colorful pictures of kids or of academic materials like books or pencils in the background
  • Preview it carefully and save the file with a new name

certification of completion 5th gradedownload-psd-file

I sincerely hope that you will not encounter any kind of difficulties while following the steps, but still if you experience any problem, make use of our free 5th grade promotion certificate template. Yes, I along with my team of professionals are bringing for you an opportunity to literally skip all the steps stated above and have your very own certificates without any cost!

5th grade graduation certificate

professional school graduation certificatedownload-psd-file

Best template for 5th grade graduate

Completion certificate for 5th grade


There can be a feeling that to motivate your kids to a maximum level, it is not fair to award the 5th grade graduation certificates only to those who have excelled in their academics. So, here are some cool ideas that you can use to motivate other kids too.

  • Certificate for student of the month
  • Most improved award certificate
  • Certificate for perfect attendance
  • Certificate for most disciplined student
  • Award for best language art student

However, just creating and award such certificates to your kids is not enough as you have to encourage parents or guardians to attend the award ceremony too so that kids can feel proud to receive them in their presence.

Free 5th grade graduate templates

Free templates for 5th grade graduate

Graduate certificate for 5th grade

The key is to be creative and think new ideas while creating 5th-grade graduation certificates and encouraging kids to do better and better each year. For perfect printouts, use only quality laser printers and award certificate paper available in stores as such paper usually comes with a nice border.


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