16+ Construction Certificate of Completion Templates (Professional & Great Designs)

0Are you an engineer, inspector, or an architect?  Then you must know that the legal document given by a qualified inspector, engineer or an architect upon completion of a construction project is called as the Construction Certificate of Completion.

But, how will know that the project is completed?

Free Construction Completion Certificate

Building Completion Certificate Format By Architect

Building Completion Certificate Format By Bank

Find Below Some Details That Confirms The Completion Of A Project.

Any building construction is considered to be completed when it is in consent with the agreement that was executed at the beginning of the work.

The completion will happen only if the essential amenities like the sewage system, water supply, and electrical line connections are given to a building.

These 3 are an essential facility required to authorize completion which will be 3x more efficient and other conditions include,

Legal binding of the building, construction with approval and all different specification must be checked before issuing a certificate.

Government authorities will have the format to issue a certificate. But for the other jurisdictions, you can feel free to use Construction Certificate Of Completion Template available here for free.

You can get to know more about the certificate format, design and have many samples here for your perusal based on the need.

Building Construction Completion Certificate

Certificate Of Completion For Construction Template

Construction Project Completion Certificate Format

Let us deep dive to know the details of a construction completion certificate.

The parties involved in the project completion include the owner of the building, the builder, and the architect. The certificate must mention the following details.

  • Date of project commencement
  • Date of the work completion
  • The cost paid
  • Name of the principal parties involved in the project.
  • Nature of the work – Commercial building, residential or a road construction project,
  • Signature and Name of the signing authority
  • Certificate issued date

Certificate Of Completion For Insurance-Claim

Civil Work Completion Certificate Format

Need For A Free Contractor Certificate Of Completion Form

You may wonder what the certificate will be issued by an authority legally or any organization. Still, why should you look for a free certificate form? The reason is project completion certificate issued by government authority will be the last step in the completion of a building project. But, as a customer or an owner of the property, you must obtain a certificate from your contractor for the following reason

  1. You need a proof i.e. a certificate of completion from the contractor to ensure that it is completed per the plan. The contractor may use it to raise an invoice for construction based on it.
  2. You may not know the technicalities and only this certificate will help you for all your future references.
  3. Even if you plan for expansion in future, this certificate can offer details about the project, and the new contractor can take forward from there.
  4. Once you make a payment, there is no hold on the contractor and only this certificate issued by your contractor can provide a way to reach out for any issues in the future legally.
  5. Banks and the building communities will require the certificate to sell the built property.

So you can take the free templates from here to get your contractor sign in this for your project completion.

Construction Project Completion Certificate Format

And Now, How To Design This Certificate?

It is simple; you can open an MS word document and click File -> New -> Template. Select a template available in your database or from online and edit based on your need.

Just open the template and fill in with the details you have about your project and make it personalized.

Print it and use it to issue to the concerned person.

But, when you think you need more time and skills required to design a construction completion certificate, then you can just download construction completion certificate sample from here and open a word document and edit and customize.

Construction Work Completion Certificate Format In Word

Construction Certificate Of Completion

Factors Involved In Completion Certificate

Know the factors that demand a completion certificate

As an authorized inspector, you must issue the construction completion certificate to make sure that the formal/legal document is released.

It certifies the completeness of the project.

When you are the authority, you must physically verify the construction site and issue the certificate.

Verify the legal documents and confirm if the building is constructed per the plan.

Remember, you stand responsible for the entire process once you issue the certificate. Hence take proper measures to verify the water connection, sewage disposal, and the electricity lines thoroughly with individual authorities and seek their consent to issue the certificate.

Use these templates and avoid all the discrepancies.

Contractor Certificate Of Completion Template

Importance of a Civil Work Completion Certificate Format

Ok, I understand that you are thinking about the need for a format. You can directly write down the details on your letterhead, then why there is a need for an arrangement.

Because you may miss out on some details. This information adds more importance to the certificate. The certificates issued will have a UNIFORMITY when you use the readymade templates.

You can maintain your PROFESSIONALISM by issuing a proper certificate every time.

It allows you to REPRESENT DETAILS In A Better Way. All you need to do is to fill the appropriate sections with details.

You can make use of the sample certificate format for project completion in any of the forms including MS Word, MS Excel, or the PDF. Directly download, edit, fill the details, print, and sign.

Such a laborious work will get more comfortable with the official templates presented here for your best use. It SAVES YOUR TIME and the receiver’s time. They need not wait until you issue the certificate when you are busy you may delay. But without this document, the property owner cannot move forward.

The EVENTS CAN BE SCHEDULED chronologically and adequately. It allows every reader to understand the details quickly. As this document will be used by many stakeholders in the process, it has to have a format that is commonly followed by all the people.

Free Contractor Certificate Of Completion Form

Things To Be Added In The Work Completion Certificate

All the while I have to tell the same thing and would like to reiterate once again that the work completion certificate is a legal document that confirms the completion of the work satisfies the rules and the regulations.

Work Completion Certificate For Construction

Work Completion Certificate Format For Construction

Essential Things To Be Mentioned

Begin with the DATE on the top. The date when the certificate is issued, and the place where you released is required. The location is mandatory because you must be within the jurisdiction to issue this letter.

Next, mention the CONTRACTOR DETAILS. The name, address and the contact details of the contractor. It is good to specify the contractor’s registration number if he has one. This will add more value to the building and states that the contractor is a reputed professional.

Then, write about the PROJECT REPORT. The details such as the project type, it could be an electricity supply project, water connection work, or the entire construction project, etc. Also, include the project start date, end date and the dates of completion of work stage wise.

Finally, the sign and seal must be provided gives a perfect look to the certificate.

Work Completion Certificate Format For Electrical Work

Work Completion Certificate Sample Letter

You can mention all the details as discussed above in the certificate. But, you want to have some wordings handy to state at the end of the project. Yes, few features are accessible to be filled with the date, address, etc. But you must know some technical information to fill the project description, and HERE YOU GO WITH A SAMPLE LETTER to specify in the project description column.

For any construction project completion certificate format, there will be a description section, and you can use this sample and modify to complete the letter.

Remember this is a very generic sample to a construction project. You must make changes in the places required. Say for example the electricity requirement of commercial construction, and a residential will vary, and hence you must read this and make changes. KINDLY DO NOT COPY PASTE.

Work Completion Certificate Format For Roofing





Attention: Whomsoever It may concern


RE: Project: _____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

The construction inspection to check the final stage of the project was held on __________________________ and the shortage recognized mentioned below is found be successfully completed. Still there are few holdback items and details given here under.

I at this moment confirm that the project work meets the standards based on the legal criteria followed by ________________(Mention country name).

At this moment also agree for the further movement of this project to the next level of occupation or sales. Provided the hold back gets completed on or before ____________(Date)

Exceptional items to be completed are recommended as follows.

Item                                                                            Holdback Cost

  1. Common Area Painting Work
  2. Electic Meters To be Covered
  3. Wirings to be insulated properly

We further suggest that the builder be invoiced for $___________________. Check Attachment for project details and cost.




(Please seal)

Work Completion Certificate Sample

Now, you can use this sample and edit details. Say for instance if the project does not have a hold back items, then you can remove those wordings from the document. Also, state that the project is completed to the fullest satisfaction and can be occupied. Alternatively, you want to add more holdback, then feel free to do so. Remember, this a sample only. You can modify and use it.

Trust these templates help you in the best way to document for all your construction projects.