Certificate of completion template : 55+ Word Templates [Editable Designs & Text ]

Certificate of completion is an acknowledgment for your successful completion of a course, training or a project. Having such certificates for academic and career purposes is mandatory. Completion Certificate acts as a legal document and testimony for every person. Looking for such materials designed professionally? We are here to resolve your problem. Download a certificate of completion template for your perusal. Feel free to add or remove sections based on your criteria. We will cover all inputs required for preparing a certificate of completion.

Employers, you may also be looking for employee appreciation templates or internship certificates and we’ve created a library of those as well.

Certificate of Completion Templates



The certificate has a large red ribbon on which the header text in contrasting white looks alluring in combination with the navy blue edges on a white background.



Anger is something tough to manage and those who have completed a course on anger management certainly deserves a completion certificate featuring a decorative border and an illustration of an angry owl.



The certificate in a combination of gray and white has an image of a military tank at one side and text at its other side in contrasting color to signify completion of army training.



The certificate with a modern look boasts of a narrow border and a graphic in between the words of the header. The lower part of the certificate has a tint of blue with text in contrasting black.



The certificate features two identical images of tents of two different sizes in the background as a watermark and also has a lovely border in bottel green.

Different wordings used in Certificate of completion templates

While you can mention the necessary details on the certificate, but to make it more appealing choose any of the following wordings. Catchy wordings brings in power to the achievement along with some cheer.

Without any second thoughts mix, match, add or remove from any of the wordings suggested below. Make sure the person honored hangs the certificate on the wall with all proud.

Simple Wording : Simple means best. Uncomplicated wordings helps a natural interpretation.

This is to certify (name) for successful completion of (course) at (venue) on (date).




Construction tasks demand immense efforts and the certificate with an border art in red around a white text box also features an impressive image as a watermark on which the text is in black while the header is in brown.



The certificate features a modest design with a sleek border and minimal text featured on a white text box. It is the combination of yellow and orange that makes it interesting.



With a decorative border in baby pink and text in black aligned to its center, the certificate is perfect to serve as a completion certificate for any course, class or training.



The certificate feature slanting lines in the background and a beautiful badge to its right-bottom corner. The text in navy blue and the sleek border art in chocolate brown makes it quite interesting.

Detailed Wordings : Whenever you feel monotonous with simple wordings, pick from these detailed wordings.

At this moment (company name) proudly bestows Certificate of Completion to (name) for the outstanding performance leading to a brilliant completion of (course) at (venue) on (date).

(Company name) proudly certifies (name) for the commitment and efforts that identified him/her as the best in (course) held at (venue) on (date).

The (company) with all cheers at this moment present this certificate to (name) for completing (course). We will always remember your accomplishment.



The border art in a beautiful shade of green, the purple header and the brown text on a white background creates a distinct modern look that uses ample use of white space and contrasting colors in its design.



The certificate is perfect for completing a construction project with an image of high-rise buildings at the bottom as a watermark. Rest the certificate is simple with a black and white border and minimal text in blue.



The certificate has an attractive border in baby pink that seems like a ribbon with various folds around a white text space featuring a watermark of a graduation cap in the header section.

Funny Wordings : Adding some fun to the certificate helps to make it more memorable.

Who Knew? In spite of worries, whimpers and making it late regularly, (name) gets this official Certificate of Completion for (course) at (venue) on (date). Congratulations!

You made it happen! Long Way to go, (name)! For you excellent work, we certify you; it is yours for sure, you completed the (course) at (venue). Cheerfully accept the certificate and hang it on the wall.

We (company name) are excited to honor (name) with this super-cool Certificate of Completion. You did it! Time to throw a party!. Include us in the same, Will you?



The certificate has a wonderful border art in a combination of light creme color and chocolate brown as well as a graphic in ocean-green with text in white. There is also space for writing date and signature at the two sides of the text at the bottom.

Completing a course always demand a lot of hard work and dedication. Be it a an academic course, professional one or a hobby course. Certainly, if are eager to give one of your loved one a unique gift for completing a course successfully that he or she has always desired to do, it is best to design and give a certificate of completion certificate. However, we are aware that designing is not an easy task and hence, we are bringing for you a collection of certificate of completion that are designed by experienced graphic designers. You can go through our collection and download any of the certificate to use it in a hassle free manner. Moreover, our certificates are completely editable and so you can customize them as per your wish. So, let us have a look.



The certificate is simple in its design layout with just an image of a building to the right side as a watermark and a header in navy blue on a white background bordered with a sleek border art.



The certificate features a sleek border in sky blue to its left and right while at its top and bottom, it has a border art that resembles arrow in dark blue around a white text box featuring minimal text.



The certificate has a pretty purple colored border and an illustration of two pens lying in an intersection position to the left of its header.



The certificate features a wonderful border and a header in blue on a white background that also has its text in contrasting black in capital letters. The text is very readable in capital letters.

Need for Certificate of completion

  • Not only colleges and institutions need Certificate of completion. Any course offered must have a Certificate of completion.
  • A person who qualifies in a particular course gets a certificate.
  • The value of High school diploma title and course completion certificate differs.
  • A formal certificate issued as a proof of completion.
  • Certificates approve the achievement of a new milestone.
  • Knowledge gained during the course stands valid only upon obtaining a Certificate of completion.




The certificate has a decorative green border and a header in brown on a white background. It also features text in a beautiful font in italics and boasts of plenty of white space.



The certificate design is simple with multiple circles at the top as a background and a sleek border in two contrasting colors. The choice of colors is sober and this gives the certificate a sophisticated look.



The certificate is in light creme colored and has a border in contrasting color around the same. Overall it has an elegant look and feel and is apt to use for completion of any task or course.



The certificate has a light gray background on which text in contrasting black and a header in blue looks impressive. It also features a border in bright red and blue only to its top and bottom.



The certificate has a narrow blue border and two identical badges in blue on both sides of its header while its text is featured in contrasting black on a white surface.

Steps involved in designing a Certificate of Completion

Creating a Certificate of completion becomes an easy task if you know the basics. Take a look at this page to become a pro in Certificate designing.

Outline of a certificate includes the Logos, Title, and Border. Draw using a text box tool. Thi gives a professional look. Choose a maximum of the triple lined border for that elegant look. Avoid fancy designs.

Attach the Logo/s of the certifying organization in the top corner or center. Choose an image that is clear.

Must have “Certificate of Completion” as a title in the center. Use big font. Also, mention the title or course name like NLP course.

Interchange Logo and title based on your taste.

Next mention the duration of the course and the venue.

Then write the name of the person. This certificate issued to Mr/Ms. Feel free to use fonts that look imperative.

Certificate awarded date carries value.

Now it’s time to sign the certificate. Issuing authority adds a lot of value to the certificate. Leave space for signature. Seal of the company.



The certificate border looks beautiful with all its simplicity while the certificate itself has a light colored background on which minimal text is featured with center-alignment.



The certificate has a light purple background on which the graphics in orange and blue above the header looks attractive. It is complimented with contrasting text in black.



The background in purple having a header in blue with white text looks interesting along with the narrow blue border and contrasting text aligned to its center.



The certificate is simple with a colored illustration of a person doing the roofing within a circular shape which on the other hand is lying beside the header on a pristine white background.



The beautiful border on the certificate with its header and text in varied shades of blue aligned to the center looks elegant and suitable as a certificate of completion for completing any given task.

Key points to remember while making a certificate

Justified and centered text layouts make a real certificate design. Use Script and Italic fonts in certificates for that professional look. Never negotiate on the quality of the paper. Use only high-quality parchment style paper. Use black print for a good finish.



The certificate has a colorful sleek border with slanting stripes around a white text box and an impressive graphic to the left of a blue header. The graphic features multiple ribbons in blue and orange color.



The certificate seems simple with a no frill design layout and use of subtle colors. However, it also features an image of two professionals in  the right-bottom as a watermark.



The certificate has an interesting border in blue and a header in light color on a white-blue surface that also features some graphics and text in black.



The certificate has a design layout in red, blue, and gray. The certificate looks elegant with minimal text and a graphic just above the header in brown.



The certificate comes with a green and white combination and has its only graphics at the top of the header. It also comes with a narrow border.

Certificate of Completion – Purposes / Categories

 Educational Certificate of Completion

Schools and Colleges come first in our mind whenever we talk about completion certificate. School authorities issue certificate upon successful completion of high school. Likewise, university issues certificate on completing the college program. Degree certificate differs from completion certificate. Completion certificate comes first and used as a legal document until degree certificate reaches an individual. Using this certificate, progress to your next level in studies.




The certificate has a delicate yellow border art around a white text box that has its header in contrasting color and has some elements of graphics.



The certificate featuring an image of Holy Cross at one side and text on the other has a beautiful border art in black and white.

Government Organizations

For completion of works, at a particular site, you must issue a completion certificate. For instance, as a chief inspector of a corporation, you will provide a completion certificate authorizing the work completed at a construction site. This document includes details like rules followed, safety measures considered while constructing, etc. People use this certificate for many clearance purposes.



With sleek border in black which more or less resembles a fence looks awesome and combined with the simple background having an image as a watermark, it is perfect for those who have completed a construction project.



The certificate has a border having small triangles featuring in contrasting color and a header in-between which a large star in blush red appears interesting.



The certificate comes with sophisticated design layout and the most attracting feature is the top and bottom border that looks more like a birthday banner.



The blue badge at the top as a header box looks pretty as the sole graphic of the beautiful certificate that also comes with a nice border.

Training Courses in Sports Completion Certificates

Every qualified sports person has a completion certificate. Endorsement provided upon the end of that tournament in the form of a certificate. Sports including tennis, swimming, badminton, and others provide this certificate. Such certificates provide an opportunity not only to the next level for games but also boost your career profile.



The elegant certificate with a watermark of an image of a vintage car looks apt as a completion certificate for a driving course.Its multicolored border and usage of large fonts makes it immensely readable as well as adorable.



The certificate features a decorative border art in a shade of orange and an image of flames on a white background. It also has a large header in orange that seems to compliment the overall look.



The certificate with a decorative border in light red and a badge at the top of a red header seems attractive on a white background having multiple images as watermark.

Certificate of Completion for Kids

Even children require a certificate of completion for motivating them on completing small courses. This includes memory courses, abacus, chess training, artwork classes, etc.




The certificate with a double border in combination of gray and white around a white text box features a blue graphics with an illustration of a graduation cap in white.



The certificate has multiple books lying one above the another in two columns as a watermark to the right-bottom and thus is perfect for successful completion of any academic course.



The decorative design in blue at the top and bottom along with an image of a notebook looks interesting on a gray background with a blue header and black text.

Business Programs Completion Certificate

Management Programs like MBA fall under business degree category. Still, many business entrepreneurs courses are enabling you to start your own business. Such courses teach you the way to manage a business, tricks to handle customers, etc.



The certificate has an impressive graphics to its bottom and top on a white background. The header is in dark red and has text in black.

Office Certificate of Completion

Office goers receive enormous certificates upon completing the course for their professional growth. All these certificates add a feather to your cap. Courses related to design, development, hardware, software, technical skills, soft skills, work environment safety programs and much more falls into the office category. In general, these courses vary between online and classroom training. Duration of these course ranges between One day and Thirty days.



The certificate has a wonderful border in blue and white. The graphic illustration meanwhile looks awesome on a white background.



The certificate has a pink background with an illustration of a couple to the right-bottom in pristine white. Its sleek brown border and presence of a distinct header looks great.



The certificate has a narrow border with multiple hues of blue, red, green, and more. The best part is an illustration of military officer to the left while the text is minimal on a white background.



The certificate meant for completing a musical course has a color scheme of red and white while its border looks alluring with multiple images of musical notes lying next to each other.



The certificate has a wooden frame like border and an illustration of a police officer beside the blue header. The use of plenty of white space and subtle colors make it look elegant.



The certificate has a red narrow border around a white background on which an image of a naval ship in shades of mustard and black to its right-bottom.



The certificate looks awesome with its modern design layout that has splashes of green along its edges at all the four sides and graphics of professionals as a watermark .



The certificate appears attractive with its yellow border that has white space in-between. Furthermore, the yellow-orange badge beside the bright yellow header looks elegant.



The certificate comes with a narrow border in sky blue with motifs in black at the four edges around a text box featuring header in contrasting blue.



The certificate boasts of a simple design layout and has a delicate border in blue. The text however is in black while the featured header is in blue.

Benefits of Using a Certificate of Completion template

At the beginning of this page, we have given the ways to create a certificate. It looks simple. Still, there is a growing need for certificate templates. Templates make life easy. Templates let no room for mistakes. You can edit, add, and remove details suiting your needs. Benefits of a template do not stop here. Let us discuss in detail.

Illustration variety

Making a certificate follows a standard format. Readily available templates provide examples in all possible formats. Plug and play the way you want.

Professional touch

We have learned to design a certificate. Professionals always stand taller than us. Why risk when there is a solution. Practice preparing certificates till you become a pro. Just go ahead and download our templates till then. Every official certificate needs that professional touch.

Templates save money, time, and efforts.

Ready-made templates save your time invested in writing all the details. Saves your cost as you don’t need to run for paper, ink, etc. All details are available in the template. Different formats presented here.

Appropriate arrangement of events

A completion certificate must have the facts arranged appropriately linearly and sequentially. No chance for mistakes with our templates. For that sequential method, use our templates.

What are you waiting for? Download to your PC. Open in Word and edit the details. Print and distribute.